Lady Worgens Going Gaga

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So I saw a twitter from Zam. Evidently the new female worgen dance is Lady Gaga’s Poker Face. My question is which part and are the wacky costumes required?
I’m kinda hoping it’s a joke, either way it’s funny.

I started this post on my Droid, but had to add the Video later. Some reason you can’t get the embed codes when accessing with a Droid. Meh

Quote of the Day

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cool… novel a girl playing a guy instead of a guy playing a girl
balls said the queen I could be king if I had two

This one’s from my Mom, she never ceases to crack me up.

The Droid and the Blogsphere

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I finally set up some bookmarks on my Droid so that I can keep track of the blogs I frequent the most. I need to add more bookmarks since there are a lot of blogs out there that I like to check out now and again.

I can really see why people got addicted to their iPhones. It really is handy having everything a laptop or netbook would do, but in a much more portable form factor. That and my Hero was a lot cheaper than those ultra small pc’s were selling for just 5 or so years ago.

Now I can Twitter, Facebook, blog, read blogs, respond to blogs and then get back into a novel when I’m done.

Sadly my battery has a hard time keeping up with me, but I blame e-mail for most of that. My Mom was joking with me saying that the only thing my phone doesn’t do is cook dinner. My response was that I could always call out fo pizza delivery.

That’s a good little Droid.

WoW Slacker Status

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Last night I merged my Paladin with my main account. It went very smoothly. The only annoying bit was trying to trasfer guild leadership. There’s no button in the UI for it of course. That meant a quick web search for the text commands. Then describing to Mom via chat how to input the text command to transfer the guild back. My Mom is computer savvy though, so she got it right off the bat.

Since the Blizz description noted that it could take a few days to complete the transfer, I hopped on my Rogue Auslander and me and Mom spent the evening trick or treating. Mom had time to catch up with an old guildie and I managed to level my Rogue to 62 and some change.

I love in game holidays. I’ve got to say that I’m glad that I subbed up in time for Hallowed End, though I am sad that I missed Brewfest. To me Brewfest will always be drunkfest. There’s nothing quite like virtual beer. You get to let someone else deal with the side effects while laughing your butt off. Although it would be interesting to see hang overs in a game. “Sorry no heals today the Priest is stuck with a hangover debuff and can’t stop puking.” Now that’s comedy.

Back for More WoW

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I re-subbed last night and spent a good bit of time checking on my Hore guild which still exists.
My Mom and I were the only ones online, which is pretty par for the course.
Now I just can’t decide what I want to do. I mean, where do I start.
My 70 something Ret Pally is on the Alliance side in the micro guild I set up there. Though I loved playng her I don’t feel like going back to the Alliance again. Ever. The Undercity is Horde side, so that’s where I’ll stay.
MomsĀ  isn’t too stoked about leaving her mage on the Alliance side, I can’t say that I’ll miss her mount. That elephant thing just got stuck on everything.
Mom does have a few alts on the Horde side so it’ll be fun to see which one she chooses. I’m in the same boat really. I have a low level hunter, paladin, shaman, and druid. I have that 50 something warlock who needs her Fel steed. There’s my priest stuck at the unfortunate level 69 and the Death Knight I so adored (stuck at 75).
All of them are talentless, all of them require funding for something, and some of them could use some serious upgrades.

My name is Creep and I am an alt-aholic.

This time around though I think I want to try a Hunter. I loved my lock with pets and my Death Night was really only fun with my little zombie ally. With the guns and the pets it just might be geeky enough for me to enjoy.

Am I looking to hit the level cap and raid? Hell no. In fact I’m looking forward to totally slacking off in WoW. It’ll be fun chasing down pets, fishing, and just plain goofing off with Mom.

PS this was written entirely on my Android.

Busy Day

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It’s been a busy day today. Mostly online of course. There’s all kinds of rumbles from blizz-con which I really couldn’t care less about. I’ve had lots of e-mail to sort through for job #1 and fortunately not much going on yet for job #2. I’ve had a crap load of the usual house type stuff to do such as ordering my groceries for delivery via Amazon Fresh, but yeah that’s about it.

One of these days I need to write my own guide to being a bitch hermit. (Warning some strong language, duh it’s the interwebs)

Yep, I’m one of the annoying Mother Fuckers that needs to stay inside. Hey if you’re not a rampaging depressed maniac I won’t expect you to understand.

On a positive note I pre-ordered Cataclysm today. One copy for me and one for Moms. I owe her one after she bought WotLK for the both of us as our birthday/Christmas/every holiday for the rest our short meaningless lives presents.

I’m tempted to re-sub early. Moms got an e-mail talking about how inactive characters may be purged before Cataclysm so she logged in to keep them active. She did not however click on the link in the e-mail. I’m so proud of my Mom. *sniffs* I’ll be fine, just give me a moment.

Ok so safe to say I doubt that the e-mail is valid, but it got Mom to re-sub and I’m thinking about re-subbing again too. I’m just not sure if I’ll wait until Cataclysm or not. Chances are though I’m looking at going Horde. Rivs over at High Latency Life wants to start up an all Goblin Guild.

Though he’s hoping to rope everyone into a PvP server, *shudders*. PvP server or no, if Scary’s in I’m in. Getting to play in a guild with Scary again would totally be worth it. Just watching guild chat never ceased to crack me up. Moms wouldn’t mind rolling as well, not sure if she’ll be a Goblin or not, she will be able to be a Mage which so far has been her favorite class.

So I won’t be rolling a Worgen Hunter, but a Goblin Hunter. No more healing and I’m looking forward to taming a crocolisk just to annoy the crap out of people.

Today I’m just pushing though as much product box stuffing as possible so I can get a chance to begin the long ass patching required to log back in. Oh yeah AND I have to sub up again. Bleh. Oh well, Moms is excited and I’m looking forward to it as well. Even if I don’t end up in any guild, I’m looking forward to some serious candy hunting, it is Halloween time in WoW after all!

Non-WoW Relevant MMO’s

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Openedge posed this query over twitter a few days ago and it really got me thinking. What MMO’s would you consider being unique and in some way adding an element if not two to MMO’s. That is of course aside from WoW.

Warhammer – Realm vs Realm pvp, lots of folks like that, I’ve never tried Warhammer so I couldn’t say.

Runes of Magic – showed us that the eastern free to play with an in game shop is a viable market for games that just don’t have the gusto to compete as subscription based games. Oh and that people will pay $10 for a horse.

FreeRealms & Wizard 101 – showed us that there are more people out there willing to try and play MMO’s when demographics are researched and designed for properly.

Eve Online – An oldie but a goodie, has proven that there is a place for niche MMO’s that tailor to specific gaming styles.

I mean really, any MMO put out impacts the industry and the player base some how. Even poor Alganon showed us how interesting the legal battles can get (linkie).

One game that has kind of fallen through the cracks is Fallen Earth I’d like to see where this one goes over time. Why? Because this one has a dedicated development team and player base. So in that respect it has the same niche element working for it that EvE Online has.

Though one of it’s biggest benefits is that you don’t lose time leveling if you take time off for crafting. You actually gain leveling XP as you scavenge and craft. I really like this idea because, if you’re into crafting, you don’t feel like you’re torn between leveling and crafting. Fallen Earth allows you to keep up with your crafting without sacrificing leveling xp to do so.

Granted most people just say forget it and go with collecting skills only, and honestly I get that, but it’s still pretty frikking annoying.

Any who that’s my two cents.

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Mantra for the Day

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“I’m awake, I’m awake, I’m awake, I’m awake,”

Just keep repeating until you wake up or you can go back to bed.

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Looking Back on my Favorite Holiday in WoW

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The Headless Horseman in is totally annoying, the achievements seem totally stupid, but somehow I still love the Hallows End event in WoW. Mostly because I’m just a big kid that never grew up and Halloween is my favorite holiday, but I still think the WoW Hallows End is fun too.

I know I didn’t miss the event last year and it seems like it’s been a staple event for me for the last few years. It feels weird to think that I’m missing it. Ok and I’m missing the Cataclysm opening patch as well.

That’s enough whining from me though. Now to get all nostalgic. Here’s some activities I enjoyed:

  • Popping out of the headless horseman’s pumpkin
  • Filling my bags with random candies and treats
  • Giggling like crazy after turning my friends into bats, ghosts, ninjas or pirates
  • How much my Mom loved wearing a human mask on her Troll Priest when she first started WoW (I think she wore it for like a week).
  • Scouring the map to find more inns to trick or treat at
  • jumping up on the pumpkins
  • The spooky decor, especially once I was tricked into going Alliance. While I despise playing Alliance I am glad they got the Worgens, they needed a good dose of spookiness.

I’m sure there’s more, but that’s all that’s popping out at me at the moment. What were you’re favorite in game holidays and/or in game holiday activities?

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Thought for the day

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“Life is like a box of grenades, touch any of them and you’re going to die.”

Tim Allen

I have a co-worker that posts up song lyrics and other random “words of wisdom” on Facebook. It annoys me on some unknown level usually but this morning it just reminded me of one of my favorite Tim Allen quotes.

There’s nothing like a healthy dose of futility first thing in the morning to really put some fire in your afterburners. That’s probably just me but hey thought I’d share the wealth.