MMO Hell at Control Alt Delete

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Heh, if you haven’t seen this, check it out. It gave me a serious chuckle. (Link)

Finally 66 and a Little Help for an Axe

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Thanks again goes to Wicked for helping me and Savvy complete the Ring of Blood quests.

I’m thinking it also helped me out a little too, finishing up the Darrowshire quest chain. Interesting stuff.

Screenshots: On Top of the World

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The image pretty much speaks for itself. Thanks Savvy for getting back up there so I could get the shot!

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Quicky: Blogs and Comments

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Ok I’m working on a post on Onyxia. Oakstout left a really good question this morning and I’d like to elaborate on that.

I also wanted to do a quick post on just blogging in general. I’m starting to see more and more that I enjoy reading the comments on blogs about as much as I enjoy reading the blogs themselves. Thanks to all the readers who leave a little bit of knowlege, a little bit of a raz, or just an amusing back and forth in the comments. I think it’s awesome even if it does just make me want to get a bucket of popcorn to enjoy while watching the show.

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Post Patch 3.2.2: What did you do?

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Me? Well since I’m not 80 yet so no Onyxia for me, well at least not yet. Also the server was pretty friggin’ laggy so instead of waiting 5 minutes for a quest to load we looked for other things to do. In bits and peices I’ve been working on the “Well Read” achievement and now I’m only 3 books away.

Yep that mean getting into Scholomance. I’m thinking that at around 65 maybe 70 me (Retribution Paladin) and my buddy (Blood Death Knight) should be able to blast through it. I want to wait until we’ve got a few more levels under our belt becuase I haven’t been in Scholomance before, so I like the idea of having a little extra insurance heh. Ok, that and I’ve gotta get the key for Scholomance as well.

I’m hoping that the server is stable tonight so we’re able to get back to putting some more levels on. I’m excited to get up to the level cap, run around the world at 80, get some video filmed, and get some goodies stocked up for my Worgen. Safe to say I’m anxios to get started.

Payback is a Brood Mother, or at least Onyxia

By Date (formerly WoW Insider Link) announced that Patch 3.2.2 is live. The biggest, baddest change in this patch is that of a serious buff for Onyxia. No more Deathtards soloing you old girl!

Onyxia (in Patch 3.2.2) will be a level 80 raid with level 80 version of her classic lewt drops. Since she’s getting all powerful a mount has been added to her loot table. Yep a dragon flyer!

Gotta get to 80… Gotta get to 80… Gotta get to 80…

Crazy Weekend

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Ok so this weekend was “Pirate Day” and the start of “Brewfest”. Even though we’re working on leveling to get to the magic 80, we took a little time off to participate in the madness.

Here’s the Wolpetingers:

Hehe, and here we are as PvP Pirates

Yeah so this weekend meant way too much time in WoW, a few new achievements and a couple new pets right along with a level or two.

Oh and for H00ligan:

My Pink Elekk – No synthbrew goggles required!

Pally Progress: 63

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So, we’ve set up a mini guild, giving us some much needed storage space. The whole experience did reduce the coin I’d been saving up for a flying mount, but it’s not like that hasn’t happened before.

I’ve been gathering like crazy and all of the Outlands quest reward gear has kept me from hitting the auction house looking for upgrades. I have however busted some hump to get my Herbing up to Outlands level (hovering around 300). I’ve also been throwing anything and everything on the AH in the hopes of making enough coin to pay for flying mounts as well as beginning saving for Cold Weather Flying at around 77 or so. Since I don’t have a level 80 on my account that can just mail me a book (or enough gold to buy the book [Tome of Cold Weather Flying]) I’ll have to wait it out.

Our leveling has slowed down some, but not as much as I thought it would. I haven’t needed AH upgrades as badly as I did back when we were going through three levels or so a day. That and picking up the gear rewards has helped out a TON.

At a whopping 63 I’ll be happy if we get in a level or so a day and hit 80 in a few weeks. We’ve actually gone from 1-63 in about 26 days (about 2 levels per day). This includes taking some time off, goofing off, taking time to level trade skills, fishing, more goofing off, etc.

To All the New Games: Sorry I’m Busy

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You know I’d love to pick up one of the new games of the fall. Each of them sound like they have some interesting features that perk my interest. However one thing I’ve noticed in my short and jagged gaming career is that I play the “latest” game, trying it out or even picking it up. I throw myself into the game, next thing I know…. I’m back in WoW.

Honestly, I’m not even looking for a WoW killer right now. No I’m not a raving fanboy (I have different equipment). I just really enjoy WoW and I really enjoy the fact that my friends play there. While sure they might leave to play other stuff, somehow we all end up back in the game. WoW it’s self even changes pretty often, which can make things both interesting and annoying at all the same time. It can get tiresome to see that your class has been changed up drastically AGAIN, oh and your talent points have been reset. I don’t know how Skeleton Jack kept up with that stuff for so long.

I’d like to say it’s tempting to check out all the new games. Then I read around the blog sphere and my curiosity is pretty much instantly satiated. Besides I snuck into beta for a lot of the new games too and yeah, they have a shiny,  but not enough of a shiny to distract me. That’s kind of sad really, it’s not as if I’m not REALLY easily distracted.

Geistig in the Wild:

“Ooooooooo a book!” Geistig thinks then runs off to read the discovered book. Suddenly the rest of the group notices that they’re health bars are shrinking faster than a wool sweater in the wash.

*Giggles* Hey some pugs deserve to be left to their own fate. If you’ve ever played a healer, you know what I’m talking about.

So while it’d be friggin’ awesome to check out a new world, scour some new terrain etc. I’m not too hyped on the idea of immersing myself in understanding how to play a new class, how stats effect that class, what role IF ANY my class plays in the new game, blah blah blah. It’s a lot of work. Going through the cycle anew every 6 months or so because the next best thing is being mass advertised. Oh and let’s not even discuss the marketing campaign (boobs, yeah THAT’s not going to get ME to play your game, sorry).

Also why would I want to play a game where I can’t be the bad guy? Part of what I loved about WoW from the start is that I could be on the side of Order or Chaos. I had a choice. Sure I’m stuck on the Order side because that’s where everyone I know is playing, but at least I have the option.

Hmmmm…… I play WoW, my Mom plays WoW, I know a few other gals that play WoW and they’ve all been WAY more dedicated to the game than I have. Maybe the reason why games aren’t succeeding as WoW killers is because they’re not drawing on an interesting base of WoW players. You know, the ones that HAVE boobs and don’t feel compelled to buy a game because they see them on a box. The players that find a game they like, subscribe, and then DON’T rush off to play the latest and greatest game as soon as it comes out. At the very least, folks that play a game because they enjoy it, not because it’s what everyone else is doing right now.

So yeah, as horrible and unpopular as it might be, I’m sticking with WoW for now. I like the game. I like the stories woven into it. I like the fact that one minute I’m chasing Goblins with a Mechanical Yeti and the next I’m helping reunite the spirit of a dead girl with her tragically fated father. You don’t get that kind of range between the hilarious and the downright spooktasticly depressing in most other games. Like it or no WoW is a game that has depth. It’s not all contingent on being the hero and winning the day. There’s a lot of content in WoW that may not give up the best loot, but includes some epic laughs. Then there’s other tremendous stories in WoW that would outshine most rewards offered for completing them. Meh, just my two cents really, and I know they’re not worth a damn thing since I don’t have a level x-ty in any game.

However I can say this. Out of all the games I’ve tried and even re-tried, WoW is so far one of the games that’s captured my imagination and keeps bringing me back. It’s complex and full of all kinds of stories and characters. A lot of them even revolve around the people that log in to play. Maybe it just takes games several years to have content that varied and complex. Who’s to say? I’m looking forward to Cataclysm and working on getting up to level x-ty so that I can annoy the crap out of everyone at the end game, hehe. It’ll be fun. While all the new games coming out look pretty friggin’ cool, I just can’t see them capturing my imagination the same way.

On to the Outlands

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Yep, last night I pushed the Pally to 58 and introduced my buddy to the Outlands. You know, it is a pretty nifty place. It is pretty different compared to the WoW old world but that’s the beauty of the World of Warcraft. They pack enough different stuff in that it stays interesting.

From here the leveling is going to slow down pretty dramatically. My buddy is already at the 60 mark and in full Death Knight blues he’ll be able to solo until Northrend, then it gets a little sticky soloing as a Death Knight (at least on the Horde side, can’t say about the Alliance) since there’s a few places where you either wait a few levels and then solo, or grab the closest warm body to take a pounding while you work on killing the boss. Preferably using another Death Knight as mob fodder works well since they have a lot of armor. Warlocks are fun too, but I doubt they’ll be many of those by now.

As for me, well since I’m 2 levels behind I’ll probably do some solo action too. I’m hoping that the Paladin oriented gear available in the Outlands will help. My gear currently is beyond bad and well into ‘terrabad’ territory. We were leveling SO fast it was hard to survive on quest gear, mostly because we ended up skipping a lot of quests. That also wore down on my coin cushion but it kept things moving along. To be honest, it was coin well spent. Getting bogged down because my gear sucks always makes me want to hurl tennis shoes at my monitor. That my friends could be an expensive endeavor.

Not to mention the fact that now I’ll be able to FLY!!! I’m excited about that prospect too so I’ll be doing every quest I can and picking every herb along the way to try to make enough to get a flying mount. It’s not going to be my soul focus by any stretch of the imagination, but I’d really like to pick one up.

I’m still on a push for 80 and can’t wait to get there and get to work on some other projects I have in mind. I also want to work on seeing a little more of the Outlands this time around, but if I get high enough soon enough I might end up heading for Northrend and then going back to explore more of the Outlands after 80.

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