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Well LotRO Book 8 was released today for the US servers so now my system is doing the download thing. Chances are I won't be able to login tonight. Then again a nice night relaxing at home and watching some movies doesn't sound too bad.

On a positive note, I couldn't sleep last night so I completed a few quests getting Geistig to 25. So hopefully when I log in I'll be able to start working on 26. I feel like I'm falling behind the other Kin members a bit.

LotRO: House of the Crazy Cat Lady

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So last night after taking Weathertop for a second time and getting halfway to 25, it was time to return to Bree and get in some serious crafting. Ok so AFTER getting into some serious crafting I decided to do some running around Bree. I'd seen a hunter running around on the roof tops and I really wanted to get up there. If nothing else it'd make for some great screenshots. Unfortunately I couldn't figure out how to get up there (though I tried lemme tell you) but I did find a door that I hadn't noticed before.

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LotRO: Epic Quest Night and Adventures Galore

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Talk about a fun weekend! So on Friday Night I trailed behind the Kin as we grouped up in a Fellowship to complete some of the Epic Quest line (aka the Book Quests). Safe to say it was pretty interesting stuff. Both the quests themselves, the members of the Kin roleplaying a bit as we went, and yep kicking butt once we got there. Here's the crew working on one of the quests. I'm of course at teh back with my happy healing rock trying to draw as little attention to myself as possble, while still making the group glow nice and green:

We have a couple folks in the Kinship that have played LotRO and other games at a more Hard Core pace so they know when it's time to start pounding on things and just how to do it. We had some solid strategy behind us as we cut through book 2 and the Kin members made their way into book 3. I'm lagging a little behind in that I spent a good part of the week working on crafting as opposed to leveling. I was able to keep up healing even though we were getting into content a little too big for my britches. Fortunately we did have a Minstrel with us because by the time we got to the end of the book 2 quests I was stretched pretty thin, even with a healing talent loaded and a lot of stat bumping traits equipped. Phew those are tough.

Though as the weekend bore on I was glad to see that as I level healing even became stronger. I'm really happy about that.

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LotRO: Digging into Instance Content

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So I got a chance to get into one of the first LotRO instances tonight “The Great Barrows”. I approve of it, yeppers good and spoooky (extra o's for emphasis). I was also lucky enough to be part of an all guild run. Though we did run into some trouble here and there, overall we did really well. Though we had a Minstrel in the group I defaulted to heals as soon as I saw folks taking damage. It's like a knee jerk reaction for me. Fortunately we had a tank and a lot of DPS so having me working as back up heals went over really well.

Taking a Chance and Landing a Good Guild, Small, but Good

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So yeah, while I still spend the bulk of my time running with Savvy (which is the what I prefer regardless), I managed to get us both into a guild. It’s not a big guild, and it’s still pretty new, but it’s a guild with promise. So far the guild Leader and the Guild officers have taken a personal approach to recruiting via actually walking up to people that look promising and asking if they want to join a guild. Since my first guild invite was via an anonymous whisper, it was a little refreshing to have someone standing in front of me recruiting as opposed to a disembodied voice that’d noticed I’d picked a healing class via the /who settings.

At first I was a little worried about how well me and Savvy would fit in the guild. We’re not active role players, we just managed to roll on LotRO’s unofficial role playing server. I’d rolled there because Scary, Evil, and Nox my WoW guildies, had rolled there. So when I’d made Edhelgeist to test out the game (months ago) I naturally picked that server. Since I haven’t seen any of them online, it’s just been me and Savvy. Honestly, I’d probably would have stopped playing quite some time ago otherwise. It’s fun to have someone to run with that likes running up to check out some sweet views or do some cliff diving (*giggles*). Heh, so as you can imagine we aren’t typical hard core players, and we aren’t really role players either. I was sort of waiting for things to turn out like they did for Oforf in “The Noob Comic” when he joined his first guild (Link). Fortunately I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that the guild isn’t as heavy on the role playing as some of the guilds I’d looked into. So far the members are also really helpful, trading out recipes they can’t use and running with other guild-mates to complete quests. We even have a guild run set for Friday, which I should even be able to attend (with my night owl type scheduling).

I did ask if the guild had a website and since the answer was no, I volunteered to help get one set up. I figure if nothing else it’ll be a good way for each of us to post up our trade-skills and give us the opportunity to help each other out by crafting upgrades for one another as opposed to buying the stuff off the Auction House. Heh, maybe it’ll help us all save up for mounts a little faster.

LotRO: Outstanding in Left Field, Looking for Ore

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So yeah, no leveling to report tonight (even though I did finally complete the Lahlia quest, which is an uber pain in the booty). Instead I'd changed out my tradeskills from Woodsman (or woodsWoman in this case) to Armourer. Really I did this to pick up the ability to craft better crafting tools (which seems a bit silly when I say it out loud) and so that I can mine up goodies that my other toon Edhelgeist, can use to make gear dye. So far the mining isn't a big deal. There's a ton of places that folks avoid like the plague that have all kinds of happy ore deposits just waiting for me to hack and slash my way out to.

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Ding 20 Rune-Keeper, In a Guild and Losing my Slacker Cred

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Woo Hoo! Level 20! OK so I still don't have a house and I'm 15 levels away from a mount, but hey, I'm having a blast and I feel like I'm leveling pretty fast. Well faster than I thought I'd level. I blame my game buddy really. I wasn't planning on hitting 20 this weekend, but we were trying on getting around to a named mob to farm for some crafting items and well, we didn't get around to the mob. We did however get me close enough to 20 that we figured “what they hey” and polished that off.

We ended killing off so many spiders in the process that we both ended up with the “Spider-Bane” title in the process. The best part though is announcing “hey I just got a title for killing off the spiders and I like the sound of it”. Only to hear in return “yeah I know, I did too and I'd just turned it on.”

Safe to say, much laughter was to be had by all.

I also ended up landing us both in a guild after getting approached by a Hobbit looking to add well me to the guild. Since he seemed like a sensible fellow (and was willing to take on myself and my friend) it was a win/win situation. So far the guild seems like a good fit. They aren't pushing to level super quickly and neither are we. Since I've been pushing Geistig's levels to catch up with my level buddy, (who's 22) it's felt like a push, and I've been doing everything I can to put on levels as quickly as possible (including putting myself in zones a little *ahem* ahead of schedule in order to get some levels put on a bit faster). Downside is that the mobs resist a little more. The upside is that the leveling is a little more challenging. Honestly, knocking mobs out in one blow just doesn't do it for me. I kind of like the thrill of wondering whether this spider I just aggroed is going to send me to the graveyard. I know, crazy isn't it?

The best part is running with my buddy, seeing a level 26 spider “is it elite” I ask, “don't think so” is the response, so of course I drop a healing run and charge on with “well then, let's pwn it!” Once again, much laughter was to be had by all.

I don't think I've had this much fun in a game in a long time. Yeah I had a blast in Free Realms, I even had a blast in WoW once in a while, but hey there's something to just running around in a world that seems so tightly restricted, but in reality has so many funny underlying currents. Not to mention the fact that I still giggle every time I see “Pig” and “Cow”. *giggles*

So for now I'm sticking with Rune-Keeper. Honestly the pendulum effect of only being able to heal effectively when using healing spells and damaging effectively when using damage spells, CAN be severely limiting. On the plus side though, I think I'm getting to the point where I know when to use which. Safe to say, it's not the easiest choice. Also since it looks like the healing side of things is going to be in demand in the future, I probably need to make sure that I've got a handle on that dynamic. Sure it's fun running about in a tandem blasting like crazy and healing as need be, but full on group encounter heals can be a different beast entirely. What do I mean CAN be, gah. Oh well.

Honestly though, I think I picked a class that works for me, and I don't really feel tempted to try out the other classes. I really just want to see more of the game and play out the story line. This really is kind of a first for me. Usually I'm going back and trying out other classes left and right to see if I'd enjoy another class more. Then again now I actually have a leveling buddy AND I'm in a guild with other folks at about the same level. I've got some pretty good reasons to press on, and I'm not playing by myself, but running into other players every once and again. It's a cool experience and for now I'm just enjoying myself. How long will it last? Who knows. For now though it's friggin' awesome.

A Long Day of LotRO: In Which I Watched the Bounders, Surveyed the Land, and Fished the FIsh

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Geistig is now up to 17, right where I left off as a Minstrel. I’m really enjoying the Rune-Keeper class because they’re able to take care of themselves. No this isn’t really a class where I can blast away, heal, heal, blast away (hence making myself invincible). The tricky part about the class is that you you can either use your blasting skills OR your healing skills at any one time, AND the more of either type of skills you use the harder you hit/more you can heal. It takes a little getting used to, but I like this ‘pendulum’ style method to healing a damage. Especially since it means that I can actually do some friggin’ damage for once and still play a class that can do a little healing!

As for my adventures, yesterday was a long and busy day! It started out with hitting up an in game event hosted by one of the server’s role playing guilds “The Common Folk”. It was a farmer’s market roleplay event and for the most part I just wandered over to check out Michael Delving (one of the big landmarks from the Lord of the Rings Books) and to see just how one of these events went down. It was interesting, for the most part I enjoyed the music and listening to the folks pretending to hock some fruits veggies and fish.

Speaking of fish, after getting in a few levels my friend and I decided to train up and get some fishing in. It’s actually a pretty well implemented game feature (a lot more fun than clicking on a bobber). It also gives one plenty of time to yack about nothing, fish up some interesting items, and comment on the common channel antics. One of which of course involves “Dwarfs on Roller Skates”. Heh, you probably had to be there, but regardless, still a funny concept.

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Back to Rune-Keeper

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So on a quick note I logged on to Geistig the Rune-Keeper this evening instead of going strait to my Minstrel. So really, I don't know when I'll log back on to the Minstrel except to play around with the music features, and to maybe level her high enough to play the bagpipes.

I want to go into it in more detail in a full post but safe to say I just really enjoy the Rune-Keeper class a lot more. There's less hassle with respect to waiting for abilities to become available, there are more instant cast quests which mitigates cast interrupt issues, and there's more healing options available to a Rune-Keeper which allows them to stay alive a wee bit longer even though they're clothies (or as I like to think about it, rockin' cardboard armor).

Well gotta get some sleep.

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Exploring LotRO, Throwing Heals, Opening my Big Mouth

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I'm really starting to enjoy playing LotRO. Unfortunately for the LotRO community, heh. I started playing my Minstrel again (which means I kill kind of slowly sometimes but I get to heal). The other bonus of playing Minstrel is that I get a pretty wide selection of instruments that I can pick up and play. I'm dinking around with the 'player music' feature. I've set up a file that holds .abc files and I've loaded a file I downloaded that plays Green Sleeves. Yes, I am excited about this, and yes I am a dork.

I'm still not positive if I'll continue playing my Minstrel or if I'll go back to my Runekeeper. I like both classes, but the Runekeeper seems to do a little more damage (hence level more quickly). It also seems like the Runekeeper fares better against multiple mobs than the Minstrel does. The bulk of this is in that the Rune-Keeper is able to summon a stone that heals the Runekeeper as they continue to fight. Now as a Minstrel, when you're getting beat on by several mobs and your heal spells are getting interrupted by damage… gah, it takes longer for the heal to arrive.

The sad part is that the slacker in me is more than willing to keep the Minstrel because I REALLY like the idea of being able to play a wide variety of instruments. Ok that AND my Minstrel is already 17, the Runekeeper is 7. That also plays a pretty big factor. I have a few titles on Ehdelgeist already, I've invested a bit of time, etc etc. But hey if the leveling just gets too slow, I'm really not thinking that I'll be willing to grind it out and I'll probably pick up the Runekeeper at that point just to get in the levels.

Now I just need to figure out why the devil I keep picking healing classes instead of the nice hearty plate wearing classes. Then again it's not really like any of the games I've picked up are going to have a replacement for my Death Knight. /sigh

As for opening my big mouth, yeah, I used the OOC (out of context) channel this evening. Now I'm lumped into the WoW players category. I'm not too worried about it though. People will like me, or people will hate me, it's really they're choice. I've spent a lot of time just hiding out from people because I didn't want to offend anyone, or step on anyone's toes, etc. Then again one of the best parts about playing MMO's is chatting with the other players. Sometimes I just enjoy reading the chat as I'm running along, even if I don't feel like grouping, just because I don't feel like I'm all alone if there's other folks chattering away in the text box. Even if I don't want to read some of it, it's still pretty comforting.