Goodby Jack?

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Skeleton Jack is leaving WoW. I mean while I don't want to believe it, I can. If you're a determined person, WoW can get pretty overwhelming. His blog was always entertaining and informative, even the posts I got a chance to help out on.

I really hope that things work out for him and that he gets some serious writing in. 😀

Best of Luck Jack, wherever life takes you.

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Long Time No Posts

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Oy well between work, getting the new blog together, submitting for the FreeRealms Wiki on Zam, it's been a little nuts lately. Worst part is there's a ton of stuff that I want to do, but only the same amount of time to do it in.

I'm adjusting to using WordPress on my new blog pretty well. I've got to say though, there's so much that can be done with it that sometimes it's kind of hard to stop tinkering with it and get some content added.

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FreeRealms Blogger up and Rolling… One Tired Creep!

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So I finished up my latest project FreeRealms Blogger (Link). I went with WordPress for this one as my hosting provider actually supports WordPress under this new scheme.

Feel free to stop by and check it out.

I'll be adding posts here off and on when things I want to talk about just don't fit posting in FRB. Such as what it's been like going from an ASP.Net framework over to PHP. Not as frightening as I'd first thought.

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FreeRealms: Life on the Live Side

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FreeRealms has been live since Tuesday and I've been having a blast! This is a great game for folks who don't have a ton of time to spare and just want a little something different to do for a bit.

I've been working over at Allakazam's new FreeRealms Wiki (Link). The team there and fellow players are working on building up a solid reference on FreeRealms. I'll probably spend my weekend working on the wiki. BUT I'd also like to get some posts in on my experiences in FreeRealms. So look for some upcoming posts on life in FreeRealms.