SOE Delivers Free Realms with Minutes to Spare

Free Realms was released last night just before midnight. Hehe, of course not soon enough to stop the epic launch thread in the beta testers forum that ended up growing to over 100 + pages as Twitter updates from SOE were posted into the forum and of course random nested quotes supplied the much needed cowbell to a population of sleep deprived Free Realms fans. Safe to say that by the end of the night we were all loopy and pretty much anything was hilarious.


Posted April 29, 2009 by Geistig in category "Free Realms

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  1. By H00LiGAN on

    Finally made it in last night. Look for Alex Awesomsauce or Alex Kindleheart. I’ve tried searching for Ivy Wildsaga, but get nothing…

  2. By Creep on

    They were dinking on the servers that run the chat and friend data so chances are that was part of the dilemma. I’m usually on server 1.

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