The Ghost Walkers Take on Blackrock Spire

As a wild idea (of which I have many) I set an all Death Knight guild event to get the Jenkins Title. Why? Well pretty much just to get us all together while getting us out of the grind. I’m a big fan of doing something different every once in a while.

So we all flew in to the Burning Stepps and rode over to Blackrock. We blew through the mobs to the Rookery and completed the event to open the doors. Once the even finished and the doors opened, we took out the Dragonkin inside and proceeded to open as many eggs as possible and AoE the lot of them. That was pretty fun actually, hehe.

The sad part is that we got that done pretty fast. That’s when one of our guild members (the Tauren in the picture there) suggested that we take out the boss and get the achievement. I figured, hey why not. It’d been a blast up to this point right?

So we did, and you know what? We got the achievement. Yeah there were some *cough, cough* snafu’s here and there, but we did it. Did we have fun? Yes. Did we have a healer? No. It was nuts! It was almost as much fun as the Molten Core night (I miss my friend that would help me chant out lines from the MCRaiders song at the end of Illegal Danish).

Unfortunately what I found out tonight is that I can tank and I can take charge. We didn’t just mash buttons through the whole dungeon. I called out the pulls, my guild followed the calls, and we made the kills. I’m very proud of these guys and gals. It’ll be interesting to see what else we can accomplish.

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Posted March 28, 2009 by Geistig in category "Guild", "World of Warcraft

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  1. By Varuca on

    You guys are a scary looking bunch – if I was a mob I would have just laid down and died right away lol

  2. By H00LiGAN on

    I missed the fun, but my wife and I had a “date” night! lol 3rd date in 16 months.
    Anyways, I know the people in the guild are great fun, but it sure has been quiet lately. Just me and Silo…Silo must get lonely when I log off.

  3. By Creep on

    Yeah I need to focus on my DK. I like LotRO but I think I’m going to stick with WoW for a bit longer.

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