One More Macro Note…

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Okee dokee, so I wanted to make a note of this before I konked out for the night. So ever see those macros that have the player’s name in them? I have and I love them. So I was wondering just how to get those into the macro. Fortunately I was talking to a guild mate Neferati today and it’s actually pretty simple. So when you’re adding the message to the macro you use %t in the place there you want the players name to show up and *poof* you there you have it.

So a handy macro for my Shammies would be:

/target mouseover

/s Healing %t

/cast Healing Wave

Ok so to break it down, the “/target mouseover” would set my toon’s target as whatever I have my mouse on, the “/s Healing %t” would say in chat that I’m healing the target, and then the “/cast Healing Wave” would, yeah, hehe, heal the target.

And good times where to be had by all. Especially one of’s level 80 Rogues that got the Explorer title tonight. A bunch of us joined Chill in Stormwind to celebrate. Of course Since Elecreep was getting loaded, Enecreep had to be the sober one taking embarrassing screenshots… Well that’s the joke anyways. Grats Chill!

And to all a g’night!


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WoW Macros and Dual Boxing

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Okee Dokee so as promised here’s a little work up of my Dual Boxing experience so far and the Macros I’m using to make it happen.

First off, the pic to the left here is my set up. I went with a dual hardware approach. Evidently you can run two WoW accounts on the same computer. I didn’t really feel like pushing my Desktop that hard so I figured I’d use a second machine. This is where my “craptop” comes into play (I should probably patent that name).

Both computers are running Vista Ultimate (for the most part I don’t have a lot of problems with it, in fact I actually like Vista, but I’m also a person that doesn’t mind fixing things, maybe that’s why).

My little craptop doesn’t really have a ton of processing power (it was put out when manufacturers grossly underestimated what was needed to run Vista and oh ANY OTHER PROGRAMS /sigh, that’s a rant for another day). Awesomely enough, it’s able to run WoW in a totally stripped down format. This would suck if this was my only machine. The good news is that the account running from my craptop is just running around behind the character on my desktop. I also have an old Saitek Pro Gamer Command Unit hooked up to the craptop and use that to fire and heal from the second toon.

My Desktop, well that’s my baby. I put it together myself almost a year ago. Yeah of course that means that it’s out of date already but meh, I still love it  . This machine I built to run Vista and … make machinima. Yeah I never really got around to making the videos, mostly because I started playing WoW and yeah. So this puppy sports a mere 4 gigs of ram, a dual core processor, and a 512mb video card. If you want details to drool/scold over, hit the contact button ^ and send me an e-mail. The coolest part is that it didn’t cost a ton to build this puppy (thanks to Fry’s) and I had it all put together in one day. In my defense, I didn’t know that it had the glowing lcd’s in the front but they’ve grown on me.

Ok now for the macros.


Ok so I’m using the twobox toolkit as suggested by SkeletonJack. It really helps out a lot and I’d suggest it for anyone that’s running more than one toon. There’s a few other add-ons that work in a similar way, but this is the only one I’ve used so far. When this add-on is activated toon one can get toon two to follow it by using the /followme emote. There is one little snafu here though. If you have someone/thing set as your target (like say a vendor or another player) when you type the /followme, the toolbox doesn’t set toon two to follow. So I created a /followme macro that sets toon two as the target before the /followme emote ensuring that toon two will be set to follow.

/target toontwo


Party Invite

So to speed up party invites for toon two I also set up a little macro that invites toon two to a party, sets the group loot to free for all (this makes it a lot easier to pick up collection quest items with toon two and then toon one so I can keep track of who gets what), it also sets toon two to follow toon one.

/invite toontwo


/target toontwo


One Button Water Shield and Flametongue Weapon

So since I’m binding these macros to my toolbar, that takes up some real estate. Yeah I could set up bartender or something, but I just haven’t done that yet. Instead of working out multiple action bars, I’ve just written a macro. Yeah I always work harder to be lazy, it’s just how I roll. So I set up a macro that will cast Water Shield on the first press, then casts Flametongue Weapon on press two. Now the downside of these macros is that if you don’t set it up correctly you’ll end up either stuck on the second spell OR you’ll have to cast the second spell even if you don’t need it just so that you can get back to casting the first spell. I pretty much have to reset Water Shield after every encounter, but the Flametongue Weapon buff lasts a lot longer that the Water Shield (mostly because it doesn’t get knocked off). So to compensate for this I set the macro to reset on combat. You can however change the macro to reset after a number of seconds or under other conditions (at this time I can’t remember what the conditions are off the top of my head).

/castsequence reset=”combat” Water Shield, Flametongue Weapon

Throwing Heals

Okee dokee, finally I wanted to set up a macro that would make it a little easier for me to throw heals on the fly. I rolled Shammy because I actually like healing. It’s something I do pretty much instinctively. So I set up a Macro that’ll heal a player as long as my mouse is over them. If they’re targeted that helps, but I figured the mouseover would work pretty well too.

/target mouseover

/cast Healing Wave

So that’s what I’ve got for now. Fortunately the Shammy twins hit 35 last night. Thanks to these macros and the add-on Tourguide, I’m running along a lot more swiftly now. Sadly though I’ve been spending a lot of time working the Auction House to make enough gold to pay for training and mounts. It’s amazing how rewarding it can be to actually sell stuff on the Auction House.

I’ve also found a really cool plug-in for Live Writer that lets me insert some really interesting emotocons into my posts.

This one’s one of my favorites:  

Ok well that’s it for now. I’ll answer questions if you have them. Just leave a comment or hit the “Contact” button up there ^ and it’ll send me an e-mail.


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Coming Up: Shaman Update and Some Macro Goodness

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I wanted to write a post this evening, but I've been a little side tracked as of late. I've had to set up some macros to help me manage the Shammy Twins and I figure I should post them here so that I can remember what they were when I have to blow out my settings. As I have to do every once in a while, for some unknown reason (it's because I'm crazy, really, wait did I say that out loud?).

So sorry for the delay, but it's time to hit the sack more info on the way.


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Update: Cleaning Up and a Little Leveling

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WoWScrnShot_021209_215035 Ok you got me. Why haven't I been posting as much as I usually do? Mostly because I haven't had much to report on the leveling front. I've been doing some more research on the Shaman talents and I'm slowly formulating some talent build ideas. I've also been running around Azeroth picking up good for the Auction House so that I can make enough money to hopefully keep the Shammy twins trained up and geared up.

Talk about high maintenance, those two are not cheap. I'm also bound and determined to make sure that Enecreep has more than enough money for her epic mount. Considering the fact that I'm spending more time at the Auction House than I'm spending on leveling, chances are that won't be much of a problem.

I'm kidding. No really, I'm kidding. 😀 SO today I did get a chance to start using the add-on Tourguide. It's sort of like quest helper except it's tells you which quest to go to next as opposed to guiding you to the next closest quest. Yeah it's almost like cheating, but for folks like me that tend to get distracted when they're doing anything outside of an instance, this may well be a leveling saving grace.

We'll see though I didn't really get to spend a lot of time with it tonight. After getting in some serious Auction House action on my Bank Alt (which will forever remain nameless), I logged over to Auslander. Whew, I had a LOT of mail to sort through. Guildies that needed Armor Kits, Locked boxes, and just junk that I'd sent to myself for some ungodly reason. Yeah all of that had to be cleaned out. Then I logged over to the twins for a little bit of leveling, and rounded out the night by clearing out Teufeltanz's bags.

I'm really tempted to just delete Auslander and Teufeltanz. Really my reasoning would be that it'd FORCE me to log onto the Shamans exclusively. Now that I look back on it, all of my indecisions regarding continuing to level the Rogue really started to come to a head after creating Teufeltanz the Death Knight.

I just really enjoy playing the Death Knight class. It just has a fantastically spooky element to it. Not to mention the fact that the mechanics of the class put you right up where the action is. I really like that. Don't get me wrong, I know I'll be able to do the same things with my Shaman, and even a lot of things that my Death Knight can't do like oh Heal. Of course those are the things I'm focusing on right now. I'm also trying to focus on just how lonely running as a Death Knight really was. I quested solo, I completed group quests all by my self, it was really just a gal and her ghoul. Not that there's anything wrong with that but, well you know how it is. Sometimes it's nice to hang out with someone you can have a conversation with on topics other than, well, brains.

I rolled Shaman because I know it's a class I can get into, I also know that it's a class that isn't heavily represented in my current guild . Yeah part of me really wants to just hop onto a Death Knight and just blast my way to 80, but then a part of me says, yeah, but how's that going to effect you when you get there. I mean at least with a Shaman I know that there's going to be a need for heals if not for their DPS, so that's a solid bet leveling wise.

I guess today I just realized how much closer I was to 80 when playing Geistig. Yeah her leveling was at a snails pace, but she was so close to the end game. Now I'm fighting tooth and nail to FORCE myself to get into the grind and just level a friggin character already. I want to instance, I want to see the end game content, but sticking exclusively to the questing grind just grates on me to no end. Whoo hoo I just killed another one of the 10 things I have to kill so I can go back to some dude who's going to hand me 25 silver and a green chest item not suitable for my class, but hey that's 900 xp! Thhhbbbbbbtttttt! I give that one big raspberry.

Oh well, hopefully as the weekend approaches I'll be able to get some folks interested in some instancing.

Well night all!


Shaman Update: the Twins hit 30

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Finally! Ok well they actually hit 30 last night as I ran behind Blackluna (a Death Knight in and Talta, while dodging baddies in the Scarlet Monastery. I’ve had a little practice in this arena now so I’m getting the hang of it.

The twins have also completed and received their Air Totem (where the trainer buffs you with a weird spell that makes you go faster and turns you red, hence the rather scary and yet epic screenshot).

So for the past couple of days I’ve been trying to get some time in on these two after spending some time instancing as a Death Knight, as well as working on getting some gold socked away for training and mount expenses.

Fortunately I think I’m finally getting the hang of the Auction house, and no not that I just figured out why all those folks were standing in that one building in Stormwind, lol. I’m to the point now where I understand the game well enough to know what sells to who, and how to get those things. It’s a real pain in the butt and it’s not something that add on’s can really tell you. They try they really do and I give them an A for effort.

I’m really just saying that there’s a point where human ingenuity, problem solving, and the ability to make connections between this and that are things that aren’t really found in software that shows you information. For the most part the person reading the information also has to have a good amount of experience to be able to look at the information and make sense of it.

Ok for me I’m still working on that part, but I’ll get there eventually.

For now I’m just taking the advice of a few blogs I’ve found and I’m working on leveling my trade skills so that I can get as much into the Auction House as I can, and get as much profit back out of it.

Well gotta get some sleep. I did get some solid time in on taking a look at the Shaman Talent trees today. Really though there’s a lot more that I need to delve into. As it is I also need to just run through all the spells these two have accumulated and asses how/when I’m going to use that ability and how to set it up in my UI.

As I get stuff worked out I’ll post it here too, if nothing else, at least I’ll be able to find my notes hehe.



To the Dungeons I Have Loved Before…

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So while I don’t have a whole lot of news to report on my Shaman twins, I did have one heck of a night instancing. Yes I even went to Molten Core. It’s one of those instances that I’ve heard about, but I never dreamed that I’d actually SEE it. As part of an all Raid group, I not only got a chance to see Molten Core, I got to conquer it!

Mini Shammy Update

So the night started out with me running around Elecreep a bit to work on her skinning. It still needs some love but hopefully her skinning’s high enough now to skin in the areas the twins are questing in.

More Instance 101 Action

At 9pm server I coached an Uldaman consisting of myself, Talta, Warrior and a Paladin. The Paladin was kind enough to step in as healer for the night, Talta and I were DPS, and the Warrior was the tank.

There were a couple of times that he lost aggro. I’m not going to hold it against him though, I mean Talta’s about 10 levels higher than the Warrior and I was almost 20 levels higher. For the most part I pretty much just sent in my pet for DPS to keep from drawing aggro and then pulled anything that decided to break away and hit the Paladin and Talta.

We completed the dungeon and even got the achievement for completing it. Best part is that no one died through the course of the whole instance. Considering the fact that I’m running these nights as ‘instancing 101’ it’s kind of nice to know that we were successful in the instance and it looks like we’re pretty successful in getting some positive dungeon experience on folks.

Teufeltanz Jenkins?

So once that was over, we hit the repair guy and yep, rushed to Blackrock Mountain for a little Rookery Action. Hehe, last night about 21 members of my guild picked up the Jenkins title. It was totally awesome! ‘Jenkins Night’ sponsord by Scarybooster was a complete success! Scary picked up the attunement and anyone level 45 or above got a chance to hit Upper Blackrock Spire to get Jenkins added to their name.

Ok so a brief history of what the hell I’m talking about. So to get the Jenkins title you have to complete the Leeeeeeeeeeeeeroy! achievment. This achievement is based on the video of an Upper Blackrock Spire wipe in the rookery that’s fits into the lore and history of those who’ve played WoW in as much as Arthas fits into his frozen trousers. Just in case you haven’t seen the video, here’s it is:

Yep, now that is some classic WoW goodness.

Being a history buff in real life, seeing stuff like this from the old days of WoW not only makes me wish I’d had a chance to play the game earlier, but also really makes you appreciate just how tough the ‘vanilla WoW’ used to be. I mean we had 4 level 80’s in there and once we had the lower level folks sitting outside of the room, we were able to kill the 50 Whelps before I even knew what happened! /sigh

What a Night!

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Ok I had one heck of a night, Unfortunately I’m stone tired so I’ll post all about it in the morning. Trust me, it’ll be worth it.


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Leveling, Contemplating, and Jumping on the Bed…

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Yes I this is me (well both of me) and Talta jumping on the bed at the inn in Stormwind. I’d have to think that this will probably be one of my more treasured screenshots.

I mean really, how many times in life is it ok to jump on the bed with your Mum? Pretty few I’d think, so yeah that’s why I’m totally loving this shot. There’s 3 or 4 of them in the folder but this was one of the only shots that didn’t have someone’s eyes closed and where all of them where displaying motion. Yes I’m that much of a dork that it took me a few shots to get it right, but seriously, classic moment!!

The Shammy twins hit all of 25 tonight, yeah it wasn’t much of a power leveling night. I spent a bunch of time in Dun Morogh leveling Enecreep’s Herbalism and Mining. I kind of like it there, lots of snow and very few people. I’d hit Elwynn Forest before that, but it was just a little too heavily populated for my tastes. Not sure about other servers, but on Rexxar, Elwynn Forest is basically the Alliance’s version of ‘ze Barrens’. If you haven’t visited the Barrens as a Hordie, it’s really almost worth leveling a Horde character just far enough to truck out there and listen to the badness. Yes I like madness, but I’ve been known to de-rail Barrens chat with intelligent conversation trust me it just adds a little I don’t know what.

So yeah one of the serious downsides to dual boxing (aside from having to watch two monitors as opposed to one) is that when using the RAF program, the toons level REALLY fast. This can make it a pain in the butt to keep their trade skills up at a useful level. The upside though is that there’s less chance to aggro mobs when you have to go back a few zones to skill up. Also it can be said that going on a gathering binge brings in some coin, and that’s always welcome in my book.

That’s the funny thing about WoW, it has climates, it has politics, and it has economics. Depending on how interested you are in any one of those you can spend time around them. Ok yeah I actually love the fact that it’ll rain so hard in Stranglethorn Vale that it gets hard to see things at a distance. To me it just adds to the suspension of belief, or in other words that element of a game that makes you temporarily tune into the game and tune out of the real world for a bit. The bummer part is that it has a system of currency, and just like in the outside world, it can get totally skewed. Sad part is it’s a lot easier to earn some coin in WoW than it is in real life (or at least it seems so on Monday morning, let me tell you). I’m slowly starting to get a grip on it and find ways to make enough coin get my characters what they need to get by in the game. It’s not as much fun as jumping on the bed, but meh…

Ok now on to the Contemplating bit. So I’m seriously considering setting up Elecreep with an Elemental/Restoration hybrid build I found on WoWWikki. Yeah I know, leveling a healer is a big fat pain in a number of sensitive areas, but I love instancing and one way to guarantee that I’ll get into some instances is to be able to throw out some heals.

Shamans are pretty strong healers, but for the most part their healing spells take a lot of time and a lot of Mana. This is where the Restoration talents come in. By reducing the time it takes to throw a heal and the Mana cost, I’d be able to heal more folks more often and be a much more efficent healer. I mean lets face it, no one wants to worry about whether or not their healer’s going to have enough mana to make it through the fight or have to stop after every pull because the healer’s run out of mana agian. Yeah I know this personally after trying to Shadow heal as a Priest. Vampiric Touch/Embrace, win, trying to heal without talents that speed and boost healing abilities, epic fail.

Also I’m thinking that well, Elecreep would have a slow grind ahead of her if specced with some healing talents while grinding solo. For the most part however, she spends most of her time blasting mobs and using Enecreep as a meat shield. So yeah since I’m not leveling either one of these two separately, it would just make sense to have one as a DPS/Tank type and one as a DPS/Heals type.

Just having the option to do this if I choose is really part of what makes the Shaman class so right for me. I like being self sufficient, I like having very little downtime, and I love having the ability to heal damage and still deal damage. It’s a beautiful combo if you ask me.

I’ll post more details on the spec I’m looking at (including a reference link) tomorrow. I still want to do some more reading up on the Restoration talents it suggests before I make up my mind. That and I’d might have to shell out some coin to re-spec Elecreep, but hey, when have I ever backed down from a crazy idea? Yeah I don’t know either.. *blush*



Putting Some More Levels on the Shammys

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Ok so the Shammy twins on Rexxar went from 21 to 24 tonight. I could have pushed them a few more levels if I’d have quested a little more efficiently. In reality though I did pick up a few flight paths so that should make questing in the future that much faster.

I’m almost thinking the pair levels too fast. I no sooner get them into a zone and the quests have gone green. I’m not a big fan of working on green quests, even for the cash. For the most part I stick to yellow quests so I can get a little more xp for the buck. Not that I really need it considering the fact that when grouped these two get a ton of xp as it is. Then again, the higher level quests are also more of a challenge. Which to me is more fun.

My goal is still to get these two up to 30 before the weekend. At this point I’m not positive if I’ll meet that since I just passed out before logging in yesterday.

After having enough time, I’ve also got to come up with some solid ways to make some coin too. Since these two level so fast, a lot of what they make from just questing and selling goes right to the trainer. I’d have to say that’s one part of the game I still can’t seem to wrap my head around, that part with the coins. I’m sure it’ll click someday but just not today.

I did get a chance to run around some more with Talta today, I think she’s enjoying just helping me out. As the twins start to get into harder and harder stuff, Talta won’t be able to one shot things as often, but I’ll also be there to throw out some heals, so that should help.

Pretty much the only thing I’m bummed about is that I’m not instancing as much. As Auslander I was in and out of instances a lot more frequently. I’m not just talking about higher level folks running us re-rolling toons through stuff either. The other re-rollers were stoked to get into instances and I was only too happy to ask for a spot.

The dynamic in the lower levels is a lot different right now. Most of the lower level folks are pretty new to the game. So for them what instances we do run are more like training exercises. That’s pretty fun too, but it’s not the same as getting a chance to run through with other experienced folks. I guess an analogy would be the difference between hanging out with friends from schools as opposed to hanging out with younger siblings. Ok granted, not annoying like hanging out with younger siblings can be, but there’s still an experience gap there. But then again experience has to come from somewhere right?

Well that’s enough for me, I’ve gotta get some sleep. I’m looking at another hellish day tomorrow. Hopefully once that’s over I’ll be able to take some time to focus on the Shaman leveling specs I want to use and get some factual information published.

Until next time


Where It’s At

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Aaaaaaahhh! Sorry, that’s just where I’m at right now. Unfortunately I’ve had an extra project at work the coincided with a whole bunch of other projects that I have to do for work. Last night I pretty much just went home and passed out. Hopefully things will get back to normal and I can get back to doing more stuff!!