Awake for a Quake

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Last night was another insomnia fest for me. For the most part I just chalk it up to creativity and usually when I can't get to sleep I doodle or I play WoW until I pass out in the middle of a drawing or my keyboard.

This morning, after having a pretty involved conversation and watching the server restart, the walls of my condo popped twice and the building started shaking. So I'm thinking to myself, woah, earthquake. Honestly the weirdest part was watching my monitor wobble. With the server shut down I did some web surfing to see if there was anything in the news and figure out if the tremors really were an earthquake. I didn't see anything when I first looked so I assumed either a garage door was malfunctioning or someone ran a car into the building or something.

I shrug it off, fix myself some toast and tea and sit down to read the bevy or web comics that make the mornings a little more interesting. Next thing I know my net connection is acting up. Ok, even MORE weird.

Fortunately my net connection issue resolved it's self with out requiring a reset. I finish reading comics and go back to the news. Sure enough almost and hour later there's a link up on KOMO News stating that there was an Earthquake in Seattle.

That's the first earthquake I've actually felt, and this is the third one I've been in the state for. I can't say it scared me at all, but then when you've had about 15 minutes of sleep, the whole thing seems more surreal than anything else.

So yeah, Friday is already shaping up to be an interesting day.

Death Knight Hits 63 and ‘Lowbie Nights’ Still on!

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For the second night now I’ve been running around on Teufeltanz my Death Knight. Basically I wanted to push her up a few levels so that when I help folks out in some lower level instances tomorrow night, it should be a little bit easier. I also wanted to gear her up a little as well.

Tonight I did have a blast helping one of our Priests get into the Outlands. We had a Warlock summon our Priest from the old world to Hellfire Ramparts, got the hearthstone set, and then made two runs through Hellfire Ramparts.

Last night I actually ran through Blood Furnace the neighboring instance a couple of times too, which is part of the reason Teufeltanz went from 60 to 63 in two days. I wanted to hit 65 tonight and all day I’ve been thinking about it. I just didn’t have much of a level frenzy this evening. Partially it’s because I found out that my DPS wasn’t what I’d hoped it would be, so I went an re-specced again. Lannister one of my guildies, hooked me up with a few Death Knight Glyphs and I settled on the Glyph of Icy Touch and the Glyph of Bone Shield. I re-specced Teufeltanz to a similar Unholy/Blood build that I’d left off on when I was leveling Geistig. For now I think I’ll hold off on Dual Wielding until I level Teufeltanz because there’s just so much tweaking that has to be done to boost Dual Wielding DPS while minimizing the incoming damage.

It’s ok though I mean she is using Hellreaver that pole arm alone does a lot to boost Tanz’s DPS. Add in the gear I’ve picked up as I’ve gone along, and she’s pretty well outfitted for running around in Scarlet Monastery hehe.

I know it seems like a bit much, but I want to make sure that Tanz will be capable of getting the job done. I want to make this event go over well and renew some enthusiasm and confidence in the guild. Well for success or failure at least I’ll have given this a try.

Generally WoW: Taking Action

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So when things get hairy people usually have two responses, fight or flight. When the going gets tough you can do something about it or you can turn and run with your hands in the air waving like you just don’t care. We’ve all had times where the run/wave really was the best option, even if not literally hehe. I’m one of the ‘problem solver’ kind of folk. I really like to see if I can figure out how to make things better (sometimes even if they don’t need to be better, that usually doesn’t go to well). This time I saw something that needed some improvement (I promise) and I took action to try to make things better.

WoW is a dynamic game. Sure you can play through the end game, and get the epic lewtz, but really that’s not all there is to the game. There’s a whole world to explore, exotic creatures to meet and destroy, an Auction House to master (more like disaster in my case), professions to level, seas to swim in, just… all kinds of stuff! Since the game has so much to it, it attracts people that don’t all play the same way. I mentioned the other day that I took a test over at GamerDNA, turns out that I’m more of an Explorer/Social type of player. For me having a destination is cool, but I have just as much fun along the way. Usually this doesn’t mean that I have the shiniest flashiest gear in town. When you hear a lot of folks say that the ‘real game starts at 80’ or yak incessantly about the awesome lewt they have from this end game instance or that end game instance, it can make you feel, well that you suck because you don’t have those things. I know I don’t suck, I’m pretty good at being a Rogue. Sure I don’t get in a ton of levels a day, but heh, I spend quite a bit of time making a fool of myself in guild chat. Making a fool of myself though entertains me, and honestly, I can’t say that the accomplishment of having a level 80 toon is all that much better than having a total laugh fest at the end of a very long day.

I’ve learn to accept my slacking ways and just push as hard as I can without wanting to put my head through the wall. My guild mates are cool with the fact that I’m not the fastest leveler in the world, they’re even cool with the fact that I want to be a Rogue, which I’m sure a lot of guilds would be looking at me as if I were purple, covered in green slime and had a radioactive symbol stenciled on my forehead (ok Rogues aren’t that broken but I have to have fun somewhere). This is also totally not one of those guilds where I feel like I’m putting up with people, bureaucracy and nonsense just to get a job done. There’s a time and a place for that, it’s called work time, WoW time is not work time so I don’t feel that I should have to deal with that nonsense. On this note my whole guild agrees! None of us want to deal with drama, we’re here to have fun and get some serious butt kicking in on the side. I approve of this, that’s why I left my 72 Undead Death Knight (that I love dearly), a server that has some real life friends on it (who are my best real life friends in the whole world), and rolled an Alliance Rogue. I was even there to sign the guild charter.

It’s a little tough for me rolling on a Central Time zone server, since I’m in the Pacific time zone, a lot of folks are logging off just as I’m logging on. It means that I still have to spend time questing solo, and sometimes when I log out there’s only one or two other folks online. I have to admit though, rolling in the other faction helped a lot, it’s almost like playing a new game and that has kept things a little more lively. I’d started to feel a little isolated though, and losing some folks that play when I play, only made things worse. So I decided that it was time to do something about it. I asked to be an officer in the guild and asked if I could start taking on some additional responsibilities and scheduling some guild events.

Why? Because I want to feel like I’m a part of something again. I also want to help lower level folks in the guild feel like they’re a part of something too. I mean sure, personal gain is cool and all, but it really isn’t the same as feeling like you’re a part of a group. I like the fact that I log in and people say ‘Hey Aus’, I like the fact that folks who need help will send me a tell, I like the fact that I can ask for help and receive it, I also like the fact that folks offer me help with out my even asking at all! To me, it’s this kind of group that makes WoW fun. I want to see the guild be successful and sometimes, just hanging out on the sidelines and crossing your fingers just isn’t enough. So I took the initiative and said, hey, I’ve got time, I’ve got skills, can I help out?

By doing this, it’s inspired other guild members to set up more guild activities. It’s stirred up a heaping batch of ‘cool new stuff is happening.’ I really think that for once, stepping in to help is paying off, instead of well you know, blowing up in my face, hehe. This is a really good guild full of good folks who do have a real life and real friends are more important than a game mentality. I feel really lucky to be a part of it. For the longest time I didn’t think I’d find a guild like this. Right now it’s going through some growing pains. I really feel like every guild goes through this at sometime. But I also know that the foundation that the guild is built on, it’s guiding principals are solid. As the saying goes, if the foundation is solid, everything else can be fixed.

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Guilds: Guild Evolution

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So I’m still in Aftermath, and I’ve gotta say I still love this guild. I think though, we’re about to hit a real trying patch in our guild’s existence. We’ve had a number of level 80 folks join the guild and a number of folks hit level 80. Now a lot of the guild’s focus is no longer strictly on getting the members of the guild to 80, but getting ready to raid.

Unfortunately I haven’t hit 80 yet. Several of the other guild members that re-rolled are in the same boat. With the guild changing focus, it’d be really easy for folks who’ve been leveling like crazy to lose focus and feel like the guild just doesn’t care if they get to 80.

I’ve been harbored in a raiding guild before. I’ve gotta say, leveling in a raiding guild is a lonely and frustrating experience. For the most part unless you’re really low level folks will run you through the first two or three really low level instances, but then you’re on your own. You don’t really have anyone to run with because even guild members leveling alts only run with those alts every once in a while, and chances are, they run with folks they know. You know, they run with the folks they raid with. Well if you aren’t level capped and a member of the raiding parties, no one gets to know you or anything about you. Even typing in guild chat for the most part you get ignored, and for the most part you’re just considered to be someone’s alt. Then you get to live vicariously as everyone posts gear links from last night’s raid in guild chat. Woo hoo.

Lately I’ve noticed that my desire to level has taken a total nosedive. Part of it is due to the fact that the ‘Night Crew’ dissolved. Two of the guys in the ‘Night Crew’ were already level 80 so it was sort of a driving force to get to 80 and sit at the big kid’s table so to speak. Those two members left the guild. The other remaining regular member is pretty much ready to hit Northrend, so hey yeah, not like I’ve got someone to run with in the evenings for the most part.

I’ve also noticed that folks aren’t logging into the guild as much. That’s not a good sign. So I started thinking, why were folks logging in to be a part of the guild. What made so awesome when it first started? Then it hit me! When we first started out not everyone had hit 80 yet and we didn’t have a lot of level 80 guildies. For the most part we had a few folks in the high 70’s but that’s about it. These higher level folks would stop and help out the folks as they were leveling, and let me tell you, that made a HUGE difference. I mean, how nice is it to be able to say ‘hey guys hate to ask this,’ and have a level seventy something say ‘Need help with Dead Mines huh?’ and then run out to give you a hand. We also had guild events organized, such as Lowbie Nights where high level guild members would run guildies through dungeons they haven’t been able to group for, a guild group into the Gurubashi Arena, and even a birthday suit run from Iron Forge to Stormwind!

These events took the edge off the grind. We got to know one another by spending a little time together. I mean in some ways, WoW can be a lot like a cafe. You see people coming and going all the time, and you might recognize some regulars if you go often enough, but you don’t really feel compelled to get to know anyone, you’re just there for a cup of coffee. Guilds can be like this sometimes. When we’re trying really hard to get loot or to get that next level, getting to know the folks in the guild around us doesn’t take precedence anymore. This is about when clicks form and people start to leave the guild.

So what I’m thinking is that it’s time to start bringing back the more social events and to bring back assistance to folks who are still working their way up. Yeah this is going to take time away from leveling my character, but what good will it be to get to level 80 and have no one to run with?

Since I have a Death Knight that’s just hanging about in the Outlands taking up a character slot, I figure, hey, why don’t I bring back ‘Lowbie Nights’ and see what I can do to try and get the guild kicking again. This also lets the folks ready for raiding get back to raiding. I’m actually excited about this! This will give me a chance to get to know some of the newer low level guild members. It’ll also give me a few karma points after getting so much help myself when I started out.

Yeah I know there’s a chance that folks will try to take advantage of the help, but I’ve got a couple of tricks up my sleeve. So since I’m doing the runs as Teufeltanz my Death Knight, I can start to set the expectation that when I log on as that character, I’m here to help. On the flip side that means when I log on as Auslander, I’m there to get some serious leveling in. I think that’ll help a bunch. I’m also a big fan of saying no to folks who are obviously just trying to have the game handed to them. For folks that are seriously working hard at leveling, I really don’t mind running them through anything because I know they’re motivated and they’ve gotta be doing something right or they wouldn’t be completing the quests. I also know that folks looking to have the game handed to them now won’t change that perspective once they hit the level cap. That just has ‘drama’ written all over it and won’t help out the guild.

In the end what I’m really hoping to do is to breath life back into Aftermath. Since the guild started up over the holidays, we all had more time we could dedicate to the game. A lot of us were also all starting at the same time, and that helped out a bunch too. So now that the dust has settled and folks are back to the grind, we’re all starting to go our separate ways and we’re drifting apart as a guild. I think it’s time to get the band back together you know? 

Death Knight: Dual Wielding DPS Specs

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**Note**  WoW has changed a lot since January 2008, Check the Elitist Jerks DK forum and Skeleton Jack blog posts for the latest info on Dual Wielding DK specs.


Ok so I’m still reading up on Dual Wielding Death Knights. Sure the general consensus is that they’re an abomination to the the lore and shouldn’t be allowed in the game at all, but yeah, I’m not one to go with the general consensus anyway so I keep reading. While My focus currently is on my Rogue, my Death Knight Dual Wielding days are far from over and once I can allocate full time back to it I will.  For now though I’m trying to keep up with the changes so that when I’m ready to go I’ll be able to pick up where I left off and get some serious damage in, hehe.

As promised Skeleton Jack (Link) came through with some Dual Wielding DPS specs for this post patch 3.0.8 World of Warcraft (hehe). So far he has 3 Dual Wielding talent specs up. Two of these are tested for around 5000 boss damage and the last is actually still the champion from pre patch 3.0.8 the 0/33/38 Dual Wielding spec (plus Gargoyle).

In the 5000 plus range it looks like both specs are heavy in the Unholy Tree to take advantage of some Unholy talents that are not weapon dependent. Remember, the fact that a lot of the Death Knight abilities only add to the amount of damage that their weapon does. So that’s been one of the burdens of Dual Wielding is working with a spec that doesn’t rely so heavily on the abilities that only boost weapon damage, and instead focusing on abilities that destroy stuff regardless of a Death Knight’s weapon.

The first 5000 plus spec listed 10/10/51 kind of goes back to the old “Dual Wielding Tri-Spec” sort of Talent allocation, by hitting the first two talent tiers in the blood tree and the Frost tree to augment weapon damage. Then this talent tree dives into the Unholy talents to add some non weapon dependant DPS talents like Gargoyle and Unholy Blight.

The second 5000 plus spec listed is 0/20/51, which is a little frostier than the previous build (pardon the pun). This build still relies heavily on the Unholy tree, but instead of only allocating talents in the first two tiers of both the Blood and Frost talent trees, this build focuses all 20 points in the Frost tree. Really this buffs Icy Touch to give a Dual Wielding Death Knight a nice non weapon reliant and bursty source of DPS.

In the 6000 plus range though we have the reigning champion Dual Wield DPS build of 0/33/38. This build does stray from the first two by moving 13 talent points out of the Unholy talent tree and swapping them over to the Frost tree. Why do this? Well because you’re able to get Howling blast and pump up the damage that Howling Blast and Icy Touch do via this talent tree. Howling Blast is another talent that isn’t weapon dependant so the amount of damage it can do is based on your talents and training, not on how hard your weapons can hit. Then this talent spec dives into the Unholy tree to grab a few more talents to boost weapon damage and adds non weapon based DPS via pet damage through Summon Gargoyle and Master of Ghouls. The one thing I also like about this spec is that it spends a whole talent point on Bone Shield which is a handy talent point for minimizing damage taken on during the fight. Let’s face it as DPS we’re not on the healer’s priority list. Since dead DPS does no damage, a little self preservation goes a long way.

Rogue Update: 55 and All’s Well

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Sweet! Just three more levels until the Outlands! I’m sooooooooo excited. Today was also a pretty fun day overall. Running around killing Sayters, killing myself with some daffy elixer, and acting as a one woman population control for Ungoro Crater. Woo Hoo!

I do have some fun stuff that I didn’t get to last night because well I was totally about to pass out. First off the Lunar Festival. So I went ahead and went to a few of the elders for the Lunar Festival and that was pretty fun. Ok well the most fun ones where Crossroads and Camp Taurajo (they’re both Hordie, hehe). After those I got a little Achievement happy so I went for 10 Coins of Ancestry, The Rocket’s Red Glare, Frenzied Firecracker, Lunar Festival Finery, and Elders of the Alliance. There’s a couple more I want to get before the festival is over, but I really just did these to take a grind break, and it was sort of fun (that and Auslander looks pretty hot in the gray pantsuit, hehe).

I also completed the Nogginfogger quests. Honestly, most fun reward ever! Here’s a screenshot:

I’m totally stoked that now I’m going to be able to go back and get more of this stuff to goof around with whenever I want. This is actually the first time I’d completed the Noggenfogger quests so I’m really happy that I got the chance to actually do them. I’d heard about them and I’d heard about the resulting award, but I’d never actually done the quests before, yeah I know I’m such a noob.

Today was even a fun day in guild chat. I was pretty much on fire just bantering back and forth with one of the new Druids. Mostly on quotes from the movie “The 5th Element” love that movie.

Aside from that a good day overall. I am starting to enjoy some of the more back stabby elements of Roguishness, so I may pop over to mutilate here pretty soon, but not too sure about that. As it stands I’ve still got to save up for my epic mount /oy and that’s going to break the bank as it is. Oh well soon enough I’ll be 60, then 70 and then… finally… 80. Let’s just hope Blizz doesn’t drop 90 on me before I can finally get my kiester up to 80 Surprised. Ok well for the love of Blood and Thunder, I’ve gotta get my butt to bed and kick this cold (so I can get some work done at work and some leveling done in game).  Wewt….

And I’m leaving off tonight with a screenshot of an impromptu guild member meet up in Moonglade.

Rogue Update: wewt 54 and yes I’m Back!

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Ah it’s good to be back. I caught something very unfun, and I’m still working it off. My Rogue however made it to level 54 today. I’m one level away for being eligible for summons to Hellfire Ramparts and just 4 levels away from the Outlands. Oh boy it’s one heck of a grind. Yeah I know it’s not the same as it used to be, and oh I can tell you I’m quite glad about that. I can also say that getting one level per night in the Outlands was a quite a bit easier than it is in the old world. It’s kind of hard to start over again from scratch.

I did finally get to see Dire Maul today! Soooo exciting. I went in with Suar and wow what an instance! It’s got to be an herbalists dream. I have plans to go back with one of my other guildies at this point, but I think I’d rather wait a few more levels so that I’d be able to do some damage (well and recruit a tank). The downside of this instance is that there are mobs that can see right through my stealth abilities, and even popping vanish doesn’t work since they see through that too (heh). But we made it through the instance achievement and all.

Sad part is I was kind of nervous about getting the Achievement. Then my guild would know where I was at and that I was still running with Saur. He’s one of my best friends in the game right now, but he’d left our guild due to a rather unpleasant turn of events. I don’t want to get into it, but safe to say both myself and Saur are kind of caught in the fall out. We weren’t directly involved in anything that happened, we were just the closest to the folks that were a part of what happened.

Due to the events Saur chose to leave the guild. I can’t blame him, it seems like he’s seen a lot of guild drama in his WoW career and I think that really affects his perception of current events.  Being kind of a loner myself, I can sympathize with how he feels. I really just hope that he doesn’t let this one event affect the way he feels about Aftermath permanently and that eventually he’ll come back to the guild. Whether he does or does not, I hope I’ll be able to stay in contact with him and still be able to run with him once I finally hit the level cap.

I wasn’t too involved in the bulk of these events (mostly because I’ve been in bed all week recovering from this bug). I have however stuck with Aftermath. I was there to sign the guild charter, I’ve bumped recruiting threads in the forums, I’m helping the other re-rolling players, and I’m excited to level up and raid with this crew I’ve signed on with. There’s no way I’d leave that behind. I think everyone knows this, the folks that left, and even my guild members.

The last few days the guild has felt kind of strained, now at least it’s nice to know why, and it’s nice to put everyone’s focus back on having fun. For the most part, at least to me, that’s what WoW and the guild Aftermath are all about. Just having fun with other folks that want to have fun. With any guild there are times where members come in that just don’t mesh well with the guild. It happens with any guild. Some folks just tough it out so they can get loot. Others (like myself) prefer to run solo because they can’t seem to find a guild worth aligning themselves with. That’s not the way things are in Aftermath and that’s why I’ve stayed with this guild for so long. Why I’ve even been willing to switch from Horde to Alliance, to a new server, from a level 72 Death Knight to re-roll Rogue.

Yeah I’m tired of the leveling grind. I’d really like to have a level capped character. I’d like to just log on and do heroics or do daylies. I’d like to be able to just run lower level characters and guildie alts through lower level dungeons. Really, I’d like to be at the top of the food change, for a change. It seems like it’s taking forever. Then again, maybe I’m just REALLY cranky from feeling ill for a full week. Hmmm…… yeah that’s probably it.

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What a Knight: Feeling Awful and the Gurubashi Arena

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Well there’s no leveling to report from yesterday’s short login session. I actually spent a large part of the day recovering from a tenacious cold so I wasn’t really up for much WoW time last night. For the most part I logged in on Auslander to chat a bit with my guildies and Talta, you know just sort of hanging out. It turns out that Talta was up for a little help with a few quests and she needed to make a couple of stops to visit Nat Pagel and the infamous ‘Tabetha’ out in Dustwallow marsh.

Well the Dustwallow marsh visits weren’t much to talk about, except for beating mobs off of Talta a few times. After we finish those it was off to Stranglethorn Vale to kill some Kurzens and take care of a little Troll problem that Talta was having.  So running Talta through the Kurzen cave I realized that I wasn’t a) keeping mobs off of Talta as well as I’d like to, and that b) I was getting exausted pretty fast. I wanted to help her out with the trolls though, so once we finished up at the caves I logged over to Teufeltanze (my Death Knight) to help Talta complete those quests. It took me a bit to get Teufeltanz from the Outlands to Stranglethorn Vale, but wow was it worth it. Things went quite a bit faster and I was able to keep the trolls interested in me while Talta blasted them. It was good.

As we finished things up a Hordie Death Knight rode up and started picking on Talta. /oy The Death Knight was of course a level 80 and would have eaten me alive. So I wait until Talta has mounted up and moved on and I do the same. Then I type into Guild chat that I can’t believe how many high level Hordies that I’m running into down here. Gryffn, one of our younger and wiser guild members says that it’s probably because the Gurubashi Arena event is about to spawn. The Gurubashi Arena is a no holds barred event where folks in both factions and even folks in the same faction, compete for the chance to open a chest that spawns in the middle of the arena.

Upon hearing this, one of our newer members a level 80 Druid that goes by Hidinghunter decided that he wanted to participate and made his way to the arena. I’d just finished up with Talta and agreed to provide what little back up support I could with my just hit 60 overnight Death Knight. Even equipped with all blue gear and Hellreaver, I still felt like I was signing my own death warrant. Not to mention how much it’s gonna cost to repair my gear. Just as I added Hidinghunter to the group and started rushing from Northern Stranglethorn toward the Gurubashi arena, the event NPC yells out that it’s go time.

I’m watching Hidinghunter’s health bar and his image changing from elf to bear. Riding as fast as I can I finally make it into the arena. I charge in despawning my mount and rushing across the platform to the arena pit I see a Death Knight with an army of undead following him. I mouse over and sure enough it’s a fellow Guild member Saur! I jump into the fray and start blasting on a Tauren Druid in bear form who’s intent on going after Hidinghunter. I get an Icy Touch and Howling Blast off before I’m two shotted by the Druid, but hey I got a few shots in and changed his focus long enough for Hidinghunter and Saur to do some real damage. I corpse run back from the graveyard to repeat the process, I was killed a few times but the level 80 Undead Rogue and the level 80 Tauren Druid were really giving us a run for the chest. I was pretty stoked though because once I even managed to lay the fatal blow on the Rogue with a Howling Blast, hehe.

Eventually the Arena was empty and only Aftermath prevailed. Saur, Hidinghunter and myself were the last three standing in the arena. They both yelled “Get it!”. So I ran up and started opening the chest. Yeah this chest takes friggin forever to open. I see red flashes all around me and I just know that a Rogue is about to try something. Sure enough a Dwarf Rogue pops out of stealth and interrupts me. Just for that I destroyed him without remorse and went back to opening the chest. Now I’m thinking to myself, crap those level 80 Hordie are probably going to pop over here and pound me as I’m just standing here dinking with a friggin chest!

Then all of a sudden… boom… the chest opens, I get the achievement and loot filters into my bags!

Yep one of the coolest moments ever. Would I have been able to do it on my own? NO WAY! If Saur and Hidinghunter weren’t there I’d have spent the bulk of my time dead! Ok, not that I didnt’ spend a bunch of it dead as it was, but I wouldn’t have made it to the chest that’s for sure. But this is just what this guild is like. It’s pretty awesome!

Well gotta go and get some stuff done for the day, until next time!

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Busy Night: Rogue hits 52, Death Night Hits 60, and Priest hits 69

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Yeah another one of those ‘just can’t sleep for some reason nights’. So I just play a little WoW. (for the record, I did get some sleep, just not a lot). Auslander is still leveling pretty quick and yeah she is still my Main (and main focus). So far she’s been ripping through mobs like it’s nobody’s business and knocking quests out left and right. Hitting 52 puts her only 6 levels away from running to the outlands and things should move a little faster once I get there.

Since the Patch landed and a fellow guildie had said that leveling Shadow just wasn’t working for him (it’s not for everyone), I thought to myself, well, Strategeist is on Rexxar now, why not spec her back to Shadow and see how she fares. It took me a little bit to get a solid rotation down, but once I did, Strategiest was actually performing pretty well. Dispersion doesn’t work quite as well as I remember, but the + damage talents in the shadow tree really help get a little extra health back on Vampiric Embrace. While Vampiric Touch only helps so much, Improved Spirit Tap really made the difference between sitting and drinking after each pull and throwing on a hot while running after the next critter. Also, having Holy Nova makes a huge difference on multiple mobs.

So after goofing off with Strategeist for a bit I tried going to bed and getting some sleep. Yeah it wasn’t working so I figured I’d get up and read a blog or two until I was tired enough to actually get some sleep. This of course lead me to wonder just what my Human Death Knight would be able to do once she’s geard up for Dual Wielding. I also realizes that she still didn’t have a guild tabard. So I figured I’d log on for a minute or two and get my Death Knight a guild tabard (and a change of hairstyle, her original one just wasn’t working for her). Next thing I know I’m running though Hellfire Citadel with some late night guildies. The weirdest part is that HellReaver dropped on the second run through. I’ve been through Hellfire Citadel more times than I care to remember and I’ve never seen this weapon drop! On the off chance that I’m unable to sleep, logging in to my Death Knight for just a little bit, and ended up finding myself in just the right place at just the right time. That’s wierd. The worst part is that Teufeltanz (the Death Knight) wasn’t really big enough to use it yet. She hit 59 on the first run through Hellfire Citadel, and after a little questing in the Outlands I pushed her up to 60. I had kind of hoped that no one was online when she hit 60. Actively leveling Teufeltanz is not one of my main goals. Really I’m just picking up where I left off with Geistig in my Dual Wielding Death Knight experimentation. Crazy I know, but it’s one of those thinks in WoW right now that isn’t stapled into a required spec for x or y. I guess that really only bugs people that actually read into why/when to use spec x or y, hehe.

Since there’s still a little room to experiment with Death Knight weapons, abilities and specs, it’s kind of fun to be a part of that. But I did sort of want to do that covertly. Really there’s already quite a few Death Knights in the guild. I’d have leveled one already if there’d been a need for one. Really I created Teufeltanz so that I would have a good character for helping make money for my new characters on Rexxar, and have a heavy hitting plate wearing character to help out Talta as well. The sad part is that with Teufeltanz hitting 60, it means that she’s the same level as the guys I started running with when I joined the guild. They’re a ton of fun to run with. But I’ve also enjoyed running with the gals I’ve been running with lately since my leveling is dragging along. It’s tempting, it really is. I think I’ll probably level Teufeltanz every once in a while, but for now I’m focused on Auslander.

Rogue Update: Mutilate Respec on Hold

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Well last night I respecced Auslander for Mutilate. I grabbed a second dagger off the Auction House and ran out to try the talents. The build is pretty cool and there’s a whole lot of potential there. At 51 however, slow and low damage daggers make it kind of painful. I’ve decided for now to go Combat/Swords instead. Let’s face it, for leveling, doing steady damage and cutting through mobs as fast as possible means quests are completed faster, xp is picked up faster and the Rogue levels faster.

I also noticed that there’s really nothing like Blade Fury in the mutilate tree. This is kind of sad. Why? Well Blade Fury throws damage out on multiple mobs. When I’m in a dungeon or I just end up aggroing more than one mob, I can hit Blade Fury and it starts ticking away at everything I’m wacking around as opposed to just the single target in front of me. Keep in mind I do switch targets to apply poisons and so on, but this just makes things go a little faster. That means I take less damage and that I have less downtime. It also makes taking out the 10 mobs the Paladin tank pulled a little easier to cut through. heh

After the talent point debate, I just felt like I needed a break from the grind and decided to help out a guildy make a low level gear run through Shadow Fang Keep (SFK). To make things faster I figured I’d tap Teufeltanz my Human Death Knight.

Currently she has the beginnings of a Dual Wield spec and I plan on having her start running with dual swords once she can pick up the Alliance level 60 Hellfire Peninsula rep swords. Fresh out of Archerus Hold, she’s still wandering about in her standard issue but still menacing Death Knight regalia complete with the 2 Handed sword. Teufeltanz was also added to the guild last night when I hit accept to a guild invite that I’d thought to be a party invite. So yeah the cat’s out of the bag with my guild that I have a Death Knight. My friend that added Teufeltanz to the guild asked later if I’d intended Tanz to be more of a secret toon, but really I hadn’t asked to add Tanz to the guild because I didn’t want to clog the guild with alts. I guess one alt wouldn’t hurt. I still don’t plan on making Tanz my main at this point, yeah running through SFK (fastest run ever with a 60 Paladin and a 58 Death Knight) I was reminded just how much of a death machine this class really is. That’s kind of hard to walk away from.

In fact I actually ran Tanz out to the Dark Portal and did a couple of quets in the Outlands. What brought home how much I really enjoy rolling Rogue, was that after every mob I wanted to hit Stealth, and realized, crap Death Knights can’t stealth. With Death Knights my weapon selection is also pretty limited. Yeah I know that may not seem like a big deal to most folks, but I really like the fact that Auslander could practically carry an arsenal of weapons. This kind of flexibility makes it a lot easier for me to pick up new weapons that do greater damage as I’m out questing or instancing. When I’m limited on weapon choices, sometimes I just have to hit up the auction house if my toon outgrows their weapon without coming across a decent replacement. Yeah I know this sounds like a weak complaint, but when you’re toon is starting from scratch, every little bit saved makes it a lot easier to pay for training and buy mounts. Otherwise your running around like a kiddie with a sugar high trying to scrounge up the last of the cash needed to pay for this and that. Well that and pick pocketing can bring in some coin too heh.

Yeah it was nice to take a break from the old world grind and feel a little invincible, but it’s back to the Rogue for me, heh.

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