Living Vicariously: Skeleton Jack Maxes Death Knight Dual Wield DPS

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It's times like this that I miss playing a Death Knight the most. I don't miss running solo just to level but I do miss the absolute and indiscriminate damage that a Death Knight can put out. /Sigh I also miss being one of the folks pushing the envelope by Dual Wielding as a Death Knight. It meant a slower leveling grind for me in researching the gear I'd need to Dual Wield effectively, to set up my talents correctly, and to assess the best rotations, but when Gesitig threw down the gauntlet, things… just… died. Yeah it was a beautiful thing to watch. 

*Note* I'm not really a violent person, I just play one in WoW. (feel free to laugh insanely starting … now).

Skeleton Jack posted about a recent Naxx encounter where he hit 5700 DPS on Patchwork. Ok, ok…. WOW! He also describes some talent trees, gear and so on to make DPS like this possible. Also if you're a Death Knight Dual Wield enthusiast you'll also want to check out a more recent post by Skeleton Jack that goes over some Dual Wield talent trees and abilities (Link).

Yes, this does give me the "GO BACK TO YOUR DEATH KNIGHT YOU DAFT BINK" sort of twinges. Don't worry I will one of these days, but I wanted to see what it was like to level as Alliance. I can't very well do that with a Death Knight, I mean they exit the womb of the noob zone at about level 58. Granted though it WOULD be nice to have a farming toon on Rexxar to build up a little gold for myself and Talta as we make the push for the level cap. Hmm… More points to ponder, heh.

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Slow Night Grindwise but Paying it Forward

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So today I took some time off from the grind to help out Azmim and get together enough leather for some Medium Armor Kits to help out the guild. I still need to get some more leather so I can throw some more of these into the bank but for now I’ve got a few of them prepped and out. I also spent some time helping out Azmim now Talta in completing some general quests and her Mage quests. She’s really excited about hitting 20 and learning Portals. I can’t say I blame her really, it’ll be pretty awesome to pop a portal whenever she wants! I’m also looking forward to getting her up to my level so we can knock a few levels out together.

She has quite a bit more play time than I do so she should be able to catch up fast, then zoom past me, and then wait up for me for a bit. Hehe, gotta love the cycles of things.

Aftermath just keeps on growing. The GL has posted in the Official Forums and at It looks like it’s really paying off as we had a handful of new members join in the fun tonight. We also have a few re-rolls so I’m looking forward to offering a hand to them when I can just as I have with Talta. If nothing else in my book it’s just paying forward for all of the help I’ve received since joining the guild.

Running through the Arathi Highlands today, I did feel a twinge of guilt. I missed my Horde toons just a bit. No matter how much I miss running for the Horde though, I can’t say that I’d be willing to leave this guild and make my way back to the stoic solitary grind I’d known as a member of the Horde. I have to say too that this whole experience even has me branching out whenever I can to help out others or join in quick groups to complete quests. I guess it’s just the confidence of knowing that I can play a Rogue well and that I’ve got a fun guild to run with if need be.

Tonight Aftermath hit up Onixia and a few other old world instances to help out some guildies with quests. I’m looking forward to pushing up Auslander enough to participate. As I posted a bit ago, I’m really looking forward to gearing up for and taking part in the old world instances as well as working on the new content. Hey since I started WoW after the release of the Burning Crusade, these old world instances are new to me. Since the attunements have been dropped for these instances, it’s also a lot easier for guilds to group up for the old world instances and get a nice set of Achievements knocked off the list while they’re at it.

Well I need to get some sleep, tomorrow will be another very long day.

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Rogue Update

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Auslander is now Level 30, which of course means that now she’s able to train for a mount and as joked in Guild chat, that she is someone now. Only 50 levels left to level cap. Whew, quite a ways to go. It is however going a lot faster with my current gear set up. The only ‘of the Monkey’ item that I haven’t looted is the Decapitating Sword. These items have made leveling much easier. I do however need to make sure that my talents are on on track for leveling.

I’m also stoked that Azmim is joining me on Rexxar as well. She’s running as a Draenei Mage. She’s leveling a lot faster as a Mage than she did as a Priest. She’s also a Jewel crafter/Miner and she seems to be having a lot of fun too. She’s also joined Aftermath. I’m looking forward to spending some quality time running with her, especially since the Draenei also have a +hit aura which adds to the wanton destruction I’m already able to wreak throughout Azeroth. I’m looking forward to us being a destructive team.This will be a little new though since neither one of us are healers, but it should still be fun none the less. Hehe, destructive duo…

Well, gotta get some sleep, tomorrow it’s back to the grind. But here’s one last shot of Auslander, she’s not as sexy as a Blood Elf in terms of Roguishness, but I’m gearing her out as best I can. Also the Human ability Every Man for Himself, has come in handy quite a few times. Sure she’s not an undead but she’s still a pretty fun toon.

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Why Roll Rogue? Because I Can!

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The Craft of War: BLIND

So I saw this on Skeleton Jack's blog and I had to post it over, if for no other reason than the fact that this is why I love the idea and the ability to play a Rogue. Running in, taking things out, and then making my exit. Everything I've ever wanted to do, but cannot do in real life for obvious reasons with detrimental consequences.

Now I've just got to level, /sigh. And figure out why the embedding code isn't taking. Joy….


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Rogue Changes Past Patch 3.0.2 and Leveling

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Yes I know it the era of the Death Knight, why roll Rogue? My only response of course is, ‘because I can’, heh. So now that I’m leveling a Rogue I’ve noticed that there are a few changes to the Rogue class after patch 3.0.2 (and the addition of Wrath of the Lich King) that can affect a leveling Rogue. The biggest affect of course is that patch 3.0.2 did make life a lot easier for Rogues by changing when we could get certain talents, reducing cooldowns on some particularly necessary abilities, and even making more room in our bags. These are all AWESOME things. The downside to a lot of these new things is that they aren’t all documented in one place, so I’m thinking it would be a good idea to put together the info that I’ve found recently to help me level Auslander here. [more]

*Note, this article is written more for the totally new to the game audience so if you’ve leveled a Rogue a few times some of this may be repetitive, but these changes may be handy to know.

Resource – WoWWikki Patch notes: Link

Item 1: Lockpicking

One of the most fun parts about being a Rogue is that you can pick locks. At Level 16 the Rogue Trainer will offer the ‘Pick Locks’ ability. This really hasn’t really changed since Patch 3.0.2. One thing to keep in mind though is that when you accept the Rogue Lock Picking quest you’ll get an item called Thieves’ Tools. Before patch 3.0.2 you needed to have these in your bag before you could pick locks. Fortunately this has changed (to make room for the insane amount of bag space required for some Outlands and Northrend questing oh and farming of course, heh).

“So Creep, should I still do the Lock Picking quest?” – I’d say yes. Why? Hey, it gives you extra experience points which is always good, and it leads you to a convenient place to level your lock picking skills. I’m always seeing requests for opening locked boxes so I’m more than happy to level up my Lock Picking skills. I’m also happy that there’s one less thing in my bag to worry about (despite the fact that I need to get the Theive’s Tools out of my bags, I just keep forgetting).

Item 2: Poisons

Ok so pre 3.0.2 I guess you had to mix your poisons. No I’m not talking about a Martini, shaken and not stirred (had to go with the James Bond reference there). I’m talking about the handy poisons that help make a Rogue all that much more deadly. What does this mean? Well once again it’s one less thing to craft, and one less bag hog. So now all you have to do is purchase your poisons from Poison Vendors or Shady Dealers (same thing sort of just more stuff). It does make things easier, keep in mind that the Poisons don’t last a long time so you’ll need to keep these in stock and they do still take up a little room in the bags. They can take a hit off you’re gold too sot pick pocketing mobs before killing them is still a good idea (because you actually get to loot twice).

This also means that the ability to use poisons is available at Level 20 whether you accept and complete the level 20 Rogue quest. It’s still a good idea to do this quest though because the end reward is Thistle Tea. This is very handy for Rogues since it gives you instant energy. The downside is that it requires the use of Swiftthistle which is an herb gathered by Herbalists. Unfortunately, Swiftthistle can’t be found by it’s self, it’s just usually found ‘with’ certain kinds of herbs. This means that there isn’t a steady or common supply of this herb. Yeah this one as Oy written all over it. You also have to be a cook of at least level 60 to even make the tea at all. This will however save you a little gold in being able to make this item yourself. Also Druids have similar abilities to Rogues when in Cat form including Energy. This means that if you have a Druid running with you you can offer this to them and or sell it in the Auction House. Honestly though I can’t say whether this brew offers much of a profit though, so you may want to do a little checking before running to the Auction House.

Also take some anti-venom (First Aid) with you on this quest as completing the quest will offer a very nasty surprise. This is a really fun quest and gives you an opportunity to use your stealth to obtain quest objectives and sneak past pats. The downside is that once you get to the last quest objective, there’s a nice little poison trap loaded on the box that’ll blow out your stealth. The anti-venom will remove the poison. If you’re First Aid isn’t scaled up to this yet, that’s fine, there is a cure offered at the end of the quest line (after fulfilling another quest line). The whole quest line for me though the poison quest and the ani-poison quest was pretty fun in that they have a fun ‘secret agent’ feel to them.

On the Alliance side, the chest holding the quest item can be used to boost lock picking to 175. So yeah, anti-venom, you’ll want to keep this on hand.

Ok so if you take a look at the link to WoWWikki above and look through the Rogue changes you’ll see a few more. As I come to them I’ll be adding them. As it stands Auslander made 25 today so I’ve got quite a way to go. First I’ve got to get some sleep and get over a head cold so that I’ve got enough energy and concentration to get some serious leveling in! Thankfully a high level guild member did help me complete the Stockade quests, but I really need to work at finding groups to quest with and instance with, if for no other reason then to help find new guild members!

Well g’night all!

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Wait Dude, You’re Not a Dude?

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Dang it! Found out AGAIN. Oh well, it always happens sooner or later. Using vent doesn’t help, my mousy voice is always a dead give away. Eeeeep! Yeah, I don’t ever really tell folks from the start, “oh by the way I’m a chick”. Even when folks say “yes sir” or “way to go man”, I don’t say, ‘err I’m a gal’. I don’t really care about that. Being female is just something that I am. While the world tries to make it out to be a big deal to be one gender or another, to me it’s no different than having brown eyes or black hair, it’s just something that I am and I go with it. The wierd part is that sometimes when folks find out it can become game changing for me. Sometimes folks treat me differently once they find out. I’ve always had an easier time being around and making friends with guys than I have with girls. I have two brothers and grew up as a ‘tomboy’.

If you’ve ever seen the movie ‘Aliens’ I’d have to say I’m kind of like the character ‘Ripley’. While female, being a gal didn’t effect the fact that Ripley had to survive and that there were others that she was cooperating with to try to make it out alive. She was just a person doing what any person would do and her gender didn’t affect her actions. That’s sort of how I live. I may be female, but that does NOT define who I am as a person.

For the most part I’ve always participated in activities where there were more guys than gals. The guys just seemed to have more fun! The cool part about being online is that everyone just assumes that you’re a guy. I kind of like that. I’m not hit on, no one’s treating me differently, I’m just ‘one of the guys’. I really don’t mind being treated like one of the guys. Unless I’m dating a guy, funny how a lot of guys don’t understand that taking your girlfriend to the baseball stadium with all the buddies in tow isn’t quite the same as going out to a ‘just the two of you’ kind of dinner (sorry, flashbacks). It’s sort of a time and a place for everything sort of deal. There’s a time and a place for being ‘one of the guys’ and when playing a game, that’s a good time!

Anywho, I’m pretty sure that in my new guild it won’t be a big deal that I’m a gal. There are other gals in my guild (at least I hope there are) and most of the guys have girlfriends and even wives. That does make a difference. No I didn’t try to hide my gender from my new guild, I just didn’t announce it. Like I said, it’s just something that I am, it’s not something that I openly advertise. “But wait Creep, you’re talking about it on your blog, isn’t that the same thing as announcing it?” Well yes and no. If nothing else my blog is about my gaming experience. While I don’t go about screaming “I’m a chick” online, I’m still a female playing a game with a predominatly male player base. When folks ask if I’m a gal, I do admit it, I’ts just not information that I volunteer. My gender can effect my gaming experience and so I blog about how it affects that experience. Gladly for me it doesn’t affect my experience very much and I like that. Like I said I really don’t mind being treated like one of the guys, if nothing else it just means that I’m an accepted member of the group. In any situation, that’s far more important. When in a group where functional cooperation is the difference between success and failure, it’s more important that the group is able to work together without concearn for gender, race or any out of game stuff that could affect that cooperation.

Yeah it also does seem like a dead give away when you see that all of my toons are female as well. The funny part is that it really isn’t much of a give away. A lot of guys prefer to play female toons. I mean think about it, if you’re going to spend hours looking at something’s back it might as well be a member of the opposite sex right?So really I kind of use this as a way of hiding out in plain sight despite how odd it might seem. For the most part a lot of gals just roll guy toons. I tried it, it’s just not my thing.

Well now it’s time for some Rogue blogging…

Christmas Day Means Family Phone Calls and 2 More Levels

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I'm hoping that everyone had a happy holiday this year! I realize that my blog is not brimming with holiday cheer and that's really just a reflection of how I feel this holiday season. The relatives that I'm closest to all live pretty far away, I was the last family member to stay in Seattle so I always get a little reminiscent this time of year. Fortunately through the magic of cell phones, I did at least get a chance to chat with my family on Christmas day, and Christmas eve. [more]

Due to communication errors it turned out that I didn't have to work on Christmas eve and spent both the 24th and 25th at home. After walking in to the office on Tuesday morning and sitting in an office with no heat for the rest of the day, it was really nice to have a chance to warm up at home. The white Christmas in Seattle this year has been pretty and pretty annoying at all the same time. In the end though I've got to say that a little chaos every once and again just keeps life interesting. Things should be improving next week once the weather warms back up again. Heh, we get to look forward to 3 to 4 months of soggy days. 

Since my last post Auslander has already hit 22. Myself and a couple other guild mates have already picked up quests for the Stockades and I'll probably either run with them tonight or beg for a run through to get those quests done and handed in. I'd probably be a bit further along than this but I spent a good part of the day yesterday making a run from Astrinaar to Booty Bay. Once again the kick awesome Rogue abilities served me well as I stealthed through the Barrens and right into Ratchet.

The funniest part was when I was leaving  Ashenvale and headed into the Barren, a 70 something Undead Death Knight saw me stealthed and assumed that I was flagged. Hopping off her horse she threw out the grabbo arm to teach me a lesson, and FAILED. Haha! Well I wasn't flagged. Since I'm now an ex-hordie I know where the guards are posted and I know what places to ninja around, thereby keeping my keister in the clear.

I'd hit stealth to make sure that I didn't aggro anything as I was making my way to a nice little unguarded hole I'd found a while ago leading into the Barrens. The Undead Death Knight had assumed that just because I'd popped stealth that I was flagged for PVP and that I NEEDED to be attacked. I was laughing my butt off because I'd hit stealth before I ran into any hostile Hordie NPC's.

Since Rexxar is a 'Normal' server, players can only attack other players if they change thier settings so that they can be attacked by other players or if they attack/are attacked by the NPC's of the other faction. The cool part about this is that it lets me run through hostile territories and as long as I avoid the hostile faction NPC's, the players can't mess with me. This of course is key because I'd find it pretty embarrassing to be corpse camped on a 'Normal' server. 

It does happen though. Azmim and I were running through the barrens and a Human Warlock was standing over the Corpse of a Blood Elf. Well unless somehow the two were friends, I had a strong feeling that the Warlock was just waiting for the Blood Elf to return to claim their corpse and then destroy the little Belf all over again. I'm not a fan of PVP combat and while Azmim and I could have given the Warlock a run for her money, she was slightly higher level than we were, and Azmim was still pretty new so I didn't want to push my luck. I did however stand there with Azmim. A Troll Shaman and a Troll Priest combo would make life pretty difficult for a Warlock. Eventually the Warlock realized that the Blood Elf wasn't going to claim their corpse today and we were starting to make her a little nervous. We weren't attacking, we were just watching and waiting. It's fascinating just how nervous this can make people. 

Eventually the Warlock decided to make a run for it and headed for Thousand Needles. As she was running off a level 70 Tauren Warrior came riding up behind her, popped off his mount and made short work of her. While no I'm not a fan of PVP, I am a fan of Karma and well if this wasn't a prime example, I don't know what is. Azmim of course though that I'd lost my mind for even worrying about this kind of thing instead of getting back to questing. I am a little nuts, but if nothing else she needed to know what was going on and what happens when you get flagged for PVP.  

Arguably the run to Booty Bay was one of the more exciting solo adventures I've had in WoW for a long time. I'm a big fan of making up my own little challenges in the game, just to see if I can do it. The best part was startling the level 14 Troll Hunter as I passed by him on my way into Ratchet. I picked up the Ratchet flight path and jumped the boat over to Booty Bay. Picking up the flight path there, I can now fly back and forth from Stormwind to Booty Bay. 

It turns out that adventure was worthwhile. After running with fellow guildies that evening it turns out that they needed the Expert fishing books only found in Booty Bay. I just hopped the bird down there picked up a few copies from 'Old Man Hemming' and Hearthed back to Stormwind. I was more than happy to do this for these guys since they let me tag along with them and rip through the Redridge quests. There's not a lot that a Paladin, Druid, and Rogue can't take down. It's a pretty fortuitous team! 

I feel kind of bad that I had to work today (I'm also feeling pretty chilly since the heater still isn't working), since that means Auslander's blades are idle while my fingers are freezing. It's a harsh thing to do to a gal (both Auslander and myself). It's probably a good thing that I take a break from the game though and get out a bit, even if it is just going to work.

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ReRolling on Rexxar and Running Rogue

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As I’d mentioned in  Taking a Vacation and Seeing How the Other Half Lives, I rolled a Human Rogue to take a look at the Alliance side. Not long after rolling a fellow blogger Hudson of Hudson’s Hideout announced he was creating a new guild on Rexxar. I took a look at what Hudson wanted the guild to be like and I was stoked, it’s just the kind of guild I’d been look for this whole time. It’s more of a guild built on cooperation and camaraderie, with the end goal being getting a solid group together for end game content. I’m VERY excited about getting a toon level capped and getting into end game content. More so now than I’ve ever been.

The downside is starting from square one with a brand new toon in all new zones. Up until now all of my characters have been Horde. It’s kind of fun though rolling through the Alliance zones (without getting slaughtered), seeing the sights, meeting the people, and slaughtering the mobs. Ah, life is good. It is kind of frustrating to not have a mount, to have a smaller supply of gold, you know all of the annoying little things that come along with being a new toon. The new guild though, Aftermath, has been really helpful. I’ve really enjoyed running with other guild members on quests, I’ve even had higher level guild members take time out to give me a hand with a quest or an instance. It’s been awesome. I’ve helped others out a little too here and there, hopefully I’ll be able to help out even more once I get a few more levels under my belt.

Over the last week I’ve wondered if leaving my current server and my high level baddies is such a good idea. Then again I also remember the countless hours of grinding solo, running once in a while with a cool person never to hear from them again, and running with well not so cool folks the rest of the time. I admit it does sound really weird for a person to want to totally re-roll just to be in a newly formed guild. I doubt it’s unheard of, but still I’m sure it seems pretty odd to most folks. Then again it’s just hard to place a value on being in a guild of folks who are fun and helpful. It’s also kind of cool that a bunch of the folks are kind of tech oriented. To me that’s really cool too.

So now Auslander my little human Rogue is now my main. Kind of sad, but I’m sure it won’t be for long. She’s already at 20 and with some time off this week, I’m hoping to get her boosted up a bit more (hopefully closer to a mount).

Playing a Rogue, is very different from playing a two handed weapon toting, plate wearing, hero class, but I like it all the same. I’ve solo’d quite a bit. For the most part this is because I’m usually one of the 8 people online when I get a chance to log in. So I’m used to trying to move around mobs, take out the things on the outside, and other sneakier tactics. What I loved about playing Geistig my Death Knight, is that I felt confident going where ever I wanted to go with out fear of being constantly destroyed in the process.

I took the “Bartle Test of Player Psychology” over at GamerDNA. It’s sort of like a personality test for gamers. They pretty much show folks as being dominant in one of 4 types and then having a secondary type that kind of fleshes out their play style. That test came out pretty much just as I expected it to. I’m an Explorer/Socializer. Single player games don’t really work well for me because I like to chat with someone and get a response. Just talking to NPC’s all the time kind of makes you feel like it’s time to book a padded party room. This also explains why I’m pretty stoked about my new guild.

The important part to note here though is that I’m an explorer. It’s this element of my ‘gamer’ personality that has me hooked on WoW. In this game I can swim to the bottom of a lake just to see what’s there. I can climb to the top of a tower and view a distant horizon. I can even wander into a library and read the books! Yes I like reading the books, I’m that much of a dork.

The explorer in me LOVES playing a Rogue because the Rogue can go anywhere. Sure I have to ‘ninja’ around a few critters so that I don’t have my arse removed and then handed to me. As a Rogue I can activate a stealth skill and navigate safely through otherwise hostile areas. If I get caught I can hit a speed ability that sprints me right out of the situation. I can also pick locks so getting into stuff or places is  lot easier. I have a wide range of weapons that I can utilize so it’s a lot easier to come by my weaponry. I can also pick pocket flying money, so traveling isn’t as much of a burden.

Granted, most folks consider Rogues to be damage dealers. It’s typically a class that’s most popular with the pvp/killing crowd. For me though I really like how the Rogues abilities mesh with my overall playstyle and just make the game more fun for me. Not to mention the fact that on the Alliance side, Rogues are seen as sort of ‘secret agents’. (Hmm… would double o Aus work?). I’m kind of getting into the spy/secret agent element of the game. It adds a whole new dimension to the “run out and kill everything” sort of mentality usually associated with WoW questing.

Here’s an example. So for one quest I had to pick pocket a key from a nasty looking undead that would have been VERY difficult for me to take out alone. One quick ‘yoink’ and I had just what I was looking for and moved on without scuffing up my blades. Next I had to get up into the top of the tower past a group of really unfriendly undeads that were patrolling around the outside of the tower. Popped stealth and buzzed right past them, no questions asked. In the tower I did have to take out two guards, fortunatly one at a time. Once they were *cough cough* handled, I monitored a pair of patrolling guards on the next level, and as soon as I had a window, I tip-toed right past them and up to the next level. Gotta love that. Once at the top level I just walked up to the the quest object, unlocked the box with my handy lock picking skills and I was ready to hearth out of the joint. OK I know a lot of folks are asking, “why didn’t you just kill them all”? For me, the fun is knowing that I can kill something, but also knowing that I can skirt right by it if I don’t want to deal with it.

It’s the Explorer side of me that’s also been bugging me about wanting to see the Alliance side of things. So far I’ve enjoyed it. I haven’t had to poison anyone’s dog. There are way fewer ‘Bring me the head of x’ quests. I even get to do cute fun little quests like giving a little girl back her necklace or helping two lovers run away together. Sure it’s kind of sappy but after playing the rather embittered Horde this whole time, it’ll probably do me some good.

So why am I even writing about this? Well mostly just to let folks know that at least for now, I’m not going to be playing a Death Knight full time. I love that class and I might play one again in the future. For now however I’m rolling Rogue and I’m loving it. I’m also enjoying my time on Rexxar in my new guild Aftermath. I’m glad Hudson set it up and that I’ve had a chance to be a part of it. So far the guild has helped a lot of lower level players blast through instances to get us all leveled up and ready for the big time. It’ll be fun to see what the future holds for this guild and for all of us.

Also if nothing else it’s really nice to get my mind off of all the snow we’ve had here in Seattle the last few days. I can’t wait to get the rain back, and I can’t believe I’m even thinking that! (insert laughter here).


Creep Gets Tagged?

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So I need to thank Faradhim of Doctors of Philosophy (post
) and Psychonia of My Life as a Cartoon (post Link) for posting about well my little blog thing here.

In fact Faradhim posted the first comment to my blog, back during the long queue times just after the release of WOTLK.

So in going with the rounds I’ll add my top 5 that I don’t think have been hit yet, but no promises (I’m usually the last to know …insert giggles here….):

Hudson & Hicks at Hudson’s Hideout

Aurdon at I Sheep Things

Drotara at Less QQ, More Pew Pew

TyphoonAndrew’s Eye of the Storm

Merlot at Misery – a shadow priest blog

There’s more fun stuff I need to post about and I’m working on those posts now. Thanks to those who make their way here, I hope you leave with what you’re looking for or at least a good laugh.


Taking a Vacation and Seeing how the Other Half Lives

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So what do you do if you’ve run head long into a WoW slump? You roll a Rogue… So I’ve got a little time on my hands what with being snowed in and all* and I decided to take a break from my Death Knight and blow off a little stress by rolling an Alliance Rogue. I was exploring a few zones a while ago and it struck me that I’ve been playing Horde exclusively. I realized that there’s an entire side to the game that I’ve never experienced. I’m sure that most if not all of you think I’m crazy for even considering this, but really it’s all part of my spontaneous nature I guess. It’s that and my innate curiosity that lead me to even try playing WoW in the first place.

The first toon I ever rolled was an Alliance character, a Night Elf Druid. After my first few minutes playing WoW I was invited to play on the Horde side. I rerolled and I just hadn’t looked back. The last few weeks though I’ve lost my enthusiasm for WoW. So I’ve been thinking about ways to make it a little more interesting (while of course still playing withing the bounds of the game).

I have to admit, I really enjoy the Rogue class. My Human Rogue ‘Auslander’ is dual wielding currently just a dagger and a sword, but it’s a start. I’ve also enjoyed exploring Elwynn Forest, Stormwind City, Ironforge and even Darnasuss. Because well of course to train for bows you have to go to Darnassus and well I wanted to check out Deeprun Tram.

Honestly, it’s been an odd experience playing Alliance, and pretty much everything I expected it to be. It’s pretty fun to /flirt with the random Horde folks I run into. It’s also interesting to see what it’s like on the Alliance side from well, heh, the Alliance side. Honestly I’m not sure whether I’ll stick with the Alliance side or not. I kind of like the lore aspect of playing an Alliance Rogue. It’s sort of like being a spy. I really enjoy being able to go into stealth and pick the pockets of mobs for the quest items.

I’m still questing solo, so I’m not sure how long I’ll end up playing an Alliance Rogue. For now though it’s interesting to see new sights, meet new people, and kill new mobs.

Auslander –> Rexxar