A Busy Evening

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Yesterday after a nice long sanity break I logged on to Tanzengeist to do a little fishing and chat with Azmim. Honestly I felt pretty down about my inability to fill the guild charter which so many other folks had been able to do. While chatting with Azmim though, I became inspired once more to go ahead and complete the guild charter. Both of us were pretty tired of getting asked to join this or that guild (or worse just having the window pop up overriding everything else). So despite the fact that I felt completely embarrassed doing so, I went to Orgrimmar and typed my request into the trade channel. Surprisingly enough it actually worked! I just reduced the number of signatures required in my trade channel request each time one spot was filled.

I’ve already set up the tabard and purchased the first guild bank tab. It’s not much but it’s a start. Now comes the hard part, being a leader. I have already requested that that guild chat stays clean since I know that there’s some younger folks in the guild. So far I’ve only set up Azmim as an officer and I need to make sure that the folks in the guild know that I did so because I know that Azmim has real life leadership experience. I’m keeping the original guild levels for now, and I’ve promoted all of the guild’s founding members to Veteran and have given them rights to add new members to the guild. Although I did ask that they ask folks if they want to join and not just send out the invite and explained that it closes anything else folks have open. I’m so demanding aren’t I?

I’m pretty sure that ‘Ghost Walkers’ will not be a big guild and I’m fine with that. What I would like to see though is that the folks that wear this tabard stand out on the server as being helpful, competent, and courteous players. I also want to help keep the game fun an interesting. I’m not sure how it’ll go over but I’ll give it a shot.

A Little Help from Friends

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It’s always nice to have friends to run with and to share new aspects of the game. In the image above I wanted to show Azmim what happens when the ‘Lady’s Necklace’ quest is turned in to Sylvanas. While it makes for a cool screen shot, it’s also a unique aspect of the game that’s fun to share with folks just starting to play WOW. The more I play WOW the more I’ve learned that while I enjoy running solo, there really is something to sharing the game with other players and helping out friends.  [more]

Azmim and I helped a Hunter tame a Wailing Caverns Serpent as a pet. We were doing a little gathering so we answered a request for assistance from the general channel. I was logged in as Geistig and we were hoping to find some ore to help boost her mining level a bit. It’s always fun when you offer to help someone, they ask you what level you are, and you can reply ’65’. So Azmim and I ran into the Wailing Caverns instance with a 20’s level hunter. I cleared a path and Azmim made sure that the Hunter didn’t take any damage.

When we did get to the little cave with the Serpents, it took a couple of tries to successfully tame one of the beasties, but we were successful. It was kind of cool for Azmim because she’d never seen a Hunter taming a pet. As we parted ways I let the Hunter know that Azmim and I are forming a guild and if he knew of anyone looking for a guild to give us a holler. The Hunter was grateful enough for us helping him out that he signed our guild charter.

So far of the signatures I have received, all of the signers have been pretty cool people. I even got a tip for an add-on I’d like to try out! So far we’re three signatures away from being able to turn in the charter. I’m not a huge fan of asking folks that I don’t know if they’d be willing to sign a guild charter. But at least helping out the Hunter gave me enough confidence to get two additional signatures last night. It was almost frustrating to log out with only three left to go. I’m pretty excited though, it’ll be nice to help out players and give them a place where they can ask questions and get answers or ask for help and get a response. I know it’s a dangerous task and that I’ll have to make sure to set limits early on so that I can also meet my own goals, but this is really something that I’d like to do. Oddly enough, I’m almost looking forward to it.

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Death Knight – the New Hunter

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I can remember when I first started playing WOW, and how everyone gave Hunters a very very hard time. I’ve pugged with several Hunters over the course of my WOW adventures and I can say that there are some really good Hunters out there. These Hunters take the time to understand the mechanics of their class, they work well with their pets, and they’re fun people to run with. Then there’s the ‘other’ Hunters.

While I hope that those reading this have not grouped with players that aren’t as meticulous in the study of their class, I alas have. There’ve also been situations where I’ve been that player much to my chagrin. Those experiences have taught me that if I’m going to play a class I need to take the time to understand how the spells and abilities affect the class, what kind of gear is required to get the most out of the class, and that I should only experiment with play style hypothesis outside of instances. I try to take these to heart at all times if for no other reason than the fact that playing my class to the best of my ability not only helps me, but those who group with me. It takes some reading and some experimenting, but it’s worth it in the end.

There’s a lot of folks rolling Death Knights. I’m guilty of this as well. My own innate curiosity lead me to try it out as soon as I could. The Death Knight class can be a very engaging class to play. It’s not strictly a grab and slash class. It’s important to know which abilities heal as they cause damage, it’s important to know which abilities consume the most runic power and when to use those in spell rotation, it’s important to know which talents woudl serve you best for your play style, and it’s also important to know what role the Death Knight plays when grouped. The Death Knight can DPS and the Death Knight can Tank. The trouble is knowing which role you want to be geared for and making sure that you know how to play that role.

Currently Geistig is set up as more of a DPS Death Knight. From what I’ve experienced under my current talents and gear, Dual Wielding keeps Geistig but it does not  generate sufficient threat through weapon damage alone and I’d have to work out an AOE Tanking routine. Since I’ve had a whole lot of zero experience tanking in a group situation I figure I’ll stick with DPS for now. Then take into consideration the fact that until running as a Shaman, I played a ranged caster/healer. While this means I understand healing threat, I’m still new at melee DPS in a group situation. When running around on a quest it’s easy enough to run up to something and hack it to bits. I enjoy this thoroughly (and the Death Knight Dual Wield animations are entertaining). In a group situation though, melee DPS has a specific role. As melee DPS you want to make sure that the Tank has the mob’s attention, and that you hit the mob from behind. This keeps the mob from parrying you’re attack and hitting the Tank harder than it would have otherwise and it keeps you out of the range of any magic and or fire blast that the mob would be able to spew at those standing in front of it.

Currently though there’s a lot of players that are still growing into the Death Knight class. There’s also a lot of misinformation being spread about general chat that folks are taking as the solid truth. In reality if a lot of these folks were willing to take the time to test out some of the theories they might see things differently. It still blows my mind that folks are willing to ask the general channel about their spec and take the word of a player that doesn’t play the class over going to a few forums and READING. I mean come on folks, chat is text too.

Now there are a lot of Death Knights, and while some are a credit to their class (and some like myself are trying to learn and become a credit to the class), there are other players who are turning the new Hero class into the class clown. It saddens me in that there is so much potential for this class. The play style is unique and challenging. The animations are amusing. Even the voices are fun. Then you think about how much fun it is to /spat on for playing a Death Knight. You think about all the players who don’t take the time to research this complex class sufficiently to play it well. You think about the players who haven’t quite got the hang of learning how to Tank or Melee DPS. You think about these things and it almost makes you want to quit playing the class.

But then you also think that for every player that is legitimately complaining about how poorly the class performs when it isn’t played well, there’s a peanut gallery behind them. In this peanut gallery you have those that tried to play a Death Knight but lost interest and went back to their main and you have those who just like to make fun of any class that they aren’t playing. So I’ll accept constructive criticism when I find it and ignore the school yard bullies.

On Guilds

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Last week I joined a guild after running with a fellow DK.
After spending some time in the guild it did seem pretty helpful so I invited
Azmim to join as well. I’m a big fan of giving folks the benefit of the doubt,
but as I’m finding, if you want anything done right, do it yourself…

For the most part over the last week the guild I’d joined
was pretty quiet. Very few members were logged on, and those that were had the
nose to the grind stone. As I was following suit I didn’t think much of this.
Geistig went from 62 to 65 over the course of the week. I halted leveling over
the weekend and as promised helped Azmim. While my goal of the weekend was to
help Azmim and mine while we quested, Azmim wanted to reach level 35 (which
she’d been working on over the course of the week) so that she could boost her
professions to the Artisan level.

Over the course of the weekend I began to have nagging
doubts about membership in the guild. I noticed that of the Death Knights on
last weekend, those that logged on this weekend were still on Hellfire Plateau.
Evidently they were working on obtaining the weapon Hellreaver that drops in the
Hellfire Citadel. Since they’ve chosen single wield this made sense. I had moved
on to Nagrand in an effort to complete quests that could complete solo, but
would offer significantly greater experience points and hence help me level
more swiftly. I’d also worked hard enough on leveling over the course of the
week that I felt taking a break to help out Azmim would be a fun and guilt free

On Saturday before helping Azmim I was asked if I’d like to
join in on an all guild Hellfire Citadel run. I agreed and was summoned to
Hellfire Citadel. It seemed like it would be an opportunity to meet a high
level member of the guild and to help out some guildies. While we cleared the
instance while only suffering the loss of two of us to the Dragon’s fire at the
end of the instance, there seemed to be some things about the run that did not
sit right with me.

First off, we had 3 Death Knights, but a Mage was acting as
the tank. Yes the Mage had almost hit level 80, but it still seemed odd. First
a DK should have been the designated tank or have the DK’s switch off as tank
from one boss to the next through the instance (if nothing else for practice).
I’d thought about mentioning this several times, but I’d decided to just ride
out the instance to see just what was happening. Second, even though the Mage
is almost at the current level cap it still seemed odd that the other DK’s did
not try to take aggro off the Mage. Granted it’s hard to get aggro after the
Mage has made the pull especially when the Mage’s DPS is higher. If nothing
else it’s just good practice to try to stand between the mobs and the cloth
wearing classes if you’re covered in plate armor.

The two accompanying DK’s were disappointed that Hellreaver did not drop. One of
the DK’s became pretty vocal about it, even threatening to stab the other DK. I
could understand being angry if another player gets the item you’re both hoping
for, but what exactly is the point of threatening someone over a weapon that
didn’t drop? The cranky DK wasn’t even asked to take his tirade out of guild
chat, and for the most part the party even used guild chat as opposed to party
chat throughout the course of the instance, so everyone had a chance to read

I also noticed that Azmim was for the most part ignored by
the rest of the guild and that there were no other players at her level logging
on. I was kind of disappointed by this because I’d hoped that I’d found a guild
that Azmim could participate in as well. Also I hoped that Azmim be able to
partner up with other players when I was offline.

Pretty much the last straw for me came later when new
members to the guild were promoted a rank above mine. Honestly I’m positive
that this was just an oversight as the promoting office had over promoted and
then demoted the new members in the same session. I know you’re thinking ‘hell
hath no fury’, right? Well you know I was actually more disappointed than
anything else. To me this was an example of a social guild that’s just run with
minimal rules and without a lot of oversight. To me it just seemed very

I’d like to think that guilds should be helpful to their members.
I’d also like to think that guilds should be objective and consistent in
rewarding its members. I’d also like to think that guilds would be willing to
step in to let players know when their behavior is disrespectful and or just makes
them look like a jackass. Also even lower level players that are new to the
guild shouldn’t be ignored. To me, a guild is more than just a separate bank
and another chat channel to spam. I’d like to see a guild that’s helpful to all
of its members, with players who are serious about playing the game, and who
like to have fun with other players. I’m pretty sure that all of these players
on the Uldum server are already in a good guild, but I’m willing to go out on a
limb and start a new guild anyway.

At least until I can
convince myself to leave Uldum, I’m going to try to play on the server and hope
that there are other players that see things the same way I do. Azmim and I
dropped the guild last night and picked up a guild charter. I was not
confidently recruiting last night as I was still processing the day’s events. I’m
just left under the impression that to be a member of the kind of guild I’d
like to be in, I’d have to help it get started.

I’m sure there are guilds out there with the same ideas that
I have, but I haven’t really run into them on my server yet. At least I haven’t
run into guilds with active players. I know they exist on other servers and it
would be nice to see them on Uldum as well. I’ve been reluctant to leave Uldum
as my highest level character is based there and I have real life friends who
play there. But since I’m so far behind my friends, even before the new
expansion, I’ve been playing mostly alone. This has given me a pretty good
opportunity to get to know the Uldum player base. I know there are fun players
there and that these players are overshadowed by the more annoying ones, I’d
just like to spend more time around those players. Well fingers crossed. And
for anyone playing on Uldum looking for a guild to call home, send me a tell.

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Walking on Water

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The weekend is finally here! I’m pretty excited about that, it means that I get some time to do all of the things that I can’t do during the week because of the whole ‘go to job’ thing. Meh, it pays for WOW. Here’s a fun shot of Geistig using Path of Frost. This spell allows Death Knights and party members close enough to the Death Knight the ability to walk on water (via freezing it as the walk over it). Of course my first thought on this spell was “EPIC FISHING”. Yes, I am a fish’a’holic. Geistig unfortunately hasn’t been trained in Fishing yet, but I plan on rectifying that this weekend.

I was running with Azmim when I decided to try out Path of Frost. Though Geistig wasn’t able to test the fishing theory, Azmim almost instinctive hauled out her fishing pole to test it out. SUCCESS! I’ve included a screen shot.

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Leveling and Exploration Death Knight Style

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Last night Geistig did reach 64. I’ve enjoyed leveling with Geistig immensely. She plows through the mobs even more quickly. Some of my success is related to my use of the add ons Cartographer and Quest Helper. However, I’ve also noticed that talent points, gear, and spell rotation makes a big difference in whether I spend downtime eating after a couple of pulls or being able to take on an elite mob with or without a pet.

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On WoWHead Tool Tips

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I finally updated the blog so that I can include Wowhead Tooltips in the blog. It is a pretty nifty API that renders pop up tool tips when moused over. I've seen this implemented on several WordPress WOW blogs, but since I rolled with ASP.net instead, I had my doubts. Don't get me wrong I usually figure out ways to get ASP.net to do what I want it to do. The only down side to tenacity is that there are other things I'd rather be doing. It turns out that adding the tool tips was actually pretty simple (well relatively, when in comparison to things like juggling while standing on a bowling ball). [more]

The Wowhead Tooltips api can be accessed via adding a little line of code to the header of a web page. This is pretty much a cut and paste job for most standard web documents and Wowhead has documented the process in their forums. Adding the happy line of code to the main web site was pretty easy. I use ASP.net Master Pages to give the web pages a uniform look (which reminds me that I have more work to do back there too). ASP.net Master pages are pretty handy in that you can create one page that has all of the navigation links, header banners, and the like without having to add all this junk to each individual page of the website. Each subsequent page just points to the MasterPage and actually only contains the bits of code required for that page. It seems a bit complicated at first, but really it cuts down on redundant code and makes it a LOT easier to go in and edit one or two lines of code on one page and not have to edit one or two lines of the same code on each page of the website (ah the good old days). So with that said the 'header' of ASP.net sites utilizing MasterPages is not found on the individual pages, but rather on the MasterPage. This too is convenient because it means that you only have to add lines of JavaScript include code to the header of the MasterPage (and only have to change it in one place when the web service you're using blows out and neglects to tell you that they've added another number to the call address, oh the joy).

Still doesn't sound too tough right? Yeah I know, bowling ball and juggling. With that being said BlogEngine.net utilizes a few different forms of MasterPages throughout the site. So I'd reasoned that the JavaScript include code had to go into the header of the MasterPage, but which one? Well the uniform appearance of my blog is based on the MasterPage associated with a 'theme'. In ASP.net the 'theme' also holds the style sheet and other descriptive documents that tell the server “this is how the page should look when it gets to the browser”. BlogEngine.net is then able to set the MasterPage for the blog based on the theme chosen by the blog admin. W00T. I added the Wowhead JavaScript include to the MasterPage found in the theme file and now I have the happy pop up Tooltips. Yay!

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Dual Wielding Death Knight

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Monday night I decided to test out the DK Dual Wielding ability. I equipped Geistig with a Grunt’s Waraxe once she became Honored with Thrallmar, and an Uncommon sword whose name I did not record. The results were of course, epically awful. Gestig was almost destroyed by one of Hellfire Peninsula‘s overgrown goretusks. Safe to say that mid slaughter I swapped back to my Greataxe of the Ebon Blade. Since I’m wickedly stubborn I realized that mixing a Rare item with an Uncommon item probably doesn’t make up for loss of my Rare Greataxe. Considering the amount of damage the Greataxe can dish out I reasoned that I would probably only replicate similar damage if I utilized two Rare items to Dual Weild over my mix matched combo. I picked up another Grunt’s Waraxe from the provisioner but had to log out before I could test my results. It turns out however that Geistig’s less than stellar Dual Wielding performance actually had less to do with the weapons themselves and more to do with lacking talent points to make efficient use of both weapons.

I attempted to log in yesterday morning to compare Geistig’s Dual Wielding performance with the two Rare items. I forgot it was Tuesday, all realms were of course down for maintenance. It did however give me a chance to post a blog entry I’d been working on for quite some time. I had to wait until I returned home from work to begin the testing. With the two weapons equipped Geistig did move a lot faster, but mobs attacked using the two weapons did not seem to die any faster than when using the Greataxe. While Geistig’s performance with the two Waraxes was vastly better than her performance with the Rare/Uncommon combo from Monday night, it appeared as though switching over to Dual Wield exclusively would increase the time it takes to grind through mobs rather than the reverse. Seeing as how I’m attempting to level at least ONE of my characters to 70 preferably all the way to 80, any slowdowns would only frustrate the process and infuriate me.

So last night I ran through Hellfire Ramparts and the first few pulls of Blood Furnace (where the group’s only healer, a Paladin, dropped out ouf the group). I have learned that while all DK groups can make pretty short work of the bosses, they can also lead to quite a bit of down time while either waiting for a corpse runner or just having to bandage/eat to restore health. Arguably using the DK Frost Aura and the Unholy talent Bone Shield I took less damage than some of the other DK’s in the group. A level 59 we were running with in Ramparts pretty much died on every other pull, probably because he had the lowest health rating, he drew the most threat. But I could be mistaken. I usually avoid running instances on weeknights, even quest dungeons. Usually because I just don’t have a lot of time to play and also because pug groups can be such a pain in the can. Since a guild mate was willing to run on both, it just made sense to get these quests out of the way, ding 62 (yay!) and trade out some of my DK blues for Outland blues.

Through both instances I used the Greataxe exclusively. Since I wasn’t sure whether or not I’d sustain sufficient DPS using the two Waraxes and I don’t like to test theory when staring at an elite, I chose to stick with the sure thing. However after hitting 62 I did start to apply my talent points to the Blood DK talent tree as suggested by [toolbox:jack]. Since I’d also read about the importance of Parry for Warriors, I figured that I’d put my first point in Blade Barrier. Since Blade Barrier increases Geist’s chances to Parry blows it would mean that she takes a little less damage. I figured I’d also give the dual wield another try since the Blood talent tree includes other talents that boost the ability. I have to say that I was QUITE surprised. By the end of the evening I had a hard time logging off. I even completed the quest Natural Remedies alone (a quest which includes killing a level 63 elite and hopefully not running into the other level 63 elites wandering the area). I ran through the remaining quests in Hellfire Peninsula (including rescuing that annoying Blood Elf pilgrim). Geistig ran through the mobs like a lawnmower through grass. The whole time I’m thinking to myself, “wow, so this is why people roll a Rogue.” Well that and giggling inanely.

So my initial assessment that the weapon quality was the soul reason for Geistig’s poor performance when Dual Wielding was pretty off to say the least. While DK’s can Dual Weild perfectly well with out investing talent points to boost the ability, they kill much more efficently when the ability is boosted via talent points allocated to the Blood tree. As Geistig progresses I’m excited to see just how the talent points play out. For the first time I’m also actually excited about plowing through the Outland quest lines and heading to Northrend. Admittedly I was not too excited about heading out to Northrend with Strategeist. While I am able to level fairly well as Shadow, Strategeist’s low hit points and lack of crowd control really makes leveling her class solo quite a challenge. Since I’m not really one to spend a lot of time grouping for quests running with a Priest is tedious at best. Geistig however, well she’s a one woman butcher shop. I’ve never played a class in which I do not fear going any where and completing any quest. Sure on the group quests I tend to die a bit more, but I like the fact that I CAN run solo and I haven’t had trouble finding groups when necessary.

Although arguably I do need to remember to tone it down a bit. I pulled a total jerk move yesterday and killed an elite while another player was on a quest to kill the elite. I apologized but I was still told to randomly generated symbol off. While honestly I can understand that person’s frustration (I spent about an hour trying to get Gillrog’s eye), I felt that was a little harsh, that doesn’t mean I didn’t earn it though. So I’m tuning my “assistance” radar accordingly. /Sigh, well you live, you learn, and then you roll a Death Knight.

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Gratz to Azmim

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I also wanted to post a quick congratulations for Azmim. Over the weekend she hit 30 with little to no assistance from me whatsoever. I’m very impressed that she is leveling so swiftly as a new play to the game and a Priest to boot! We’ve put her on her very first mount and she hit 31 last night.

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Since Last We Met

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Since my last post I’ve been pretty focused on playing Geistig.
In such a short time she has swiftly become my favorite character and class to
play in WOW. The Death Knight class I quite easy to level and very fun to play
but these aren’t the only reasons why I’m becoming attached to rolling with
Geistig over Strategeist or Tanzengeist. No there’s a lot more to playing a
Death Knight than just mowing through mobs like a scythe from hell, there’s an
entire ethos and back story to rolling a Death Knight that makes it a very
unique class to play.

As I’d mentioned in a previous post I enjoyed playing a Shaman not only because of the class mechanics, but also because of the Shaman quests. Unlike the other classes I’d played previously, it was quite refreshing to actually go out and quest for the totems and to know where the shaman’s magic comes from. To an extent you also find this in the Warlock quest lines,
but it’s more to obtain minions or gear. To become a Death Knight however the
player and character have to complete their training under the control of the
Lich King and then battle to free themselves from the same. My attachment to Geistig stems directly from the quest line leading up to gaining her freedom from the Lich King.
The Death Knight training/freedom quest line involves quite a bit of psychological conditioning and becoming a DK is as close to boot camp as I could imagine with respect to conditioning an individual in preparation for military service. Arguably it is much more twisted than any military boot camp I’ve heard of, but I’ve got the feeling that this is what the designers were going for. If you’re paying attention during the quest line, you’ll notice there’s a few things that are pretty off kilter.

Attention! Spoilers Ahead…. OK with that said there’s some things that I want to discuss.

For starters Gestig is sworn into the service of the Lich King. Once accepted, the first quest from the Lich King himself, Geistig began the process of training. Via this process you learn to use your new skills. There is also however an underlying sense that Geistig’s loyalty is tested right
along with her skills. The Death Knight starting area, Archerus, is good and creepy, and gives you an ‘abandon all hope ye who enter here’ sort of feel to the ambiance and decor.

I’m not quite sure why, but I really like this sort of thing. The real creepiness however came into focus when Geistig left Acherus to begin questing. It seemed like the first few quests as a Death Knight centered on killing everyone and everything. From dueling with other Death Knights to mass destruction and chaos, the Death Knights quickly learn that they are tools of mass destruction.
As they continue their training the voice of the Lich King is always with them, pushing them to kill everyone and everything. If they die they are quickly raised again to continue in the service of the Lich King. Citizens cowered or ran as Geistig approached with her rune enchanted sword drawn and prepared to strike.

There were also events that were they reality, would have seriously messed with a person’s head. Geistig was sent to execute a friend of hers. The Undead spoke to her and couldn’t believe what had happened to her. Even in the game I was touched by the event. While I knew that I was going to free Geistig some way, somehow, I could just imagine what it would be like to experience something like that. Geistig couldn’t reveal the cause for her apparent treachery to her compatriot and peer.

Eventually after quite a bit of slaughter and a raid on Light’s Hope Chappel, Darion Mograine quickly comes to realize the error of his ways and turns on the Lich King. Here you can see me kneeling before Darion’s father as Darion begins to understand the gravity of his decisions.

And here I kneel once more as the illusions of father and son discuss some rather unholy transgressions.

We then use our “Death Gate” spell to return to Archerus to oust the Lich King’s forces from the citadel to take it as the new home and fortress of our brand new faction The Knights of the Ebon Blade (for which I cannot wait to obtain and sport a tabard).

Some may have noticed a lot of yelling and NPC interaction associated with Death Knights in Ogrimmar. Well after overthrowing the forces of the Lich King and earning their freedom, the Death Knights find themselves at the gates of the main hub city for their faction. The Alliance folks are dropped off at Stormwind while the Horde are sent to Orgrimmar. Personally I’d have preferred to turn in to Lady Sylvanas myself, but you’ve gotta go with the program. As it turns out I had to deliver the missive to Thrall. As Geistig ran through the streets of Orgimmar, the npc’s spit at her, threw rotten food at her, and insulted her. What a reward for fighting to get the Lich King out of your head and out of his own citadel! Fortunately they don’t outright attack.
At level 58, battling with the Orgrimmar level 60 elite guards would not have been pretty. At last I finally arrived in Thrall’s chamber and delivered the missive. Since I was alone I had to send out a /yell letting the npc’s know how I felt about the treatment. I know perhaps this is only further proof that I’m slipping into madness.

Of course for further trials I had to know if the power of the Death Knight was exclusively found within the Death Knight training zone. I decided that the Outlands would be the best place to test Geistig’s prowess. As soon as I’d completed the rather insulting quest of begging the Orcs for the Horde’s Support, I returned to Acherus. The citadel is now under control of the Death Knights, and is used as out only access to the rune forges which we require to enchant our blades and access to our trainers. Using my portal to Acherus, I hopped the bony bird from Acherus down and around through the Eastern Kingdoms to the Swamp of Sorrows. Summoning my charger I rode on into the Blasted Lands and on to the Dark Portal. As with Strategeist I also took a few screenshots to commemorate the event. Even though I’ve been there before Geistig has not and it is a pretty momentous occasion regardless.

For Strategeist I’d waited until she hit 60 before running her into the Outlands. Partially because she’s just so squishy (she is a Shadow Priest) and partially because XP comes so much faster in the old world. But I’d
decided that running Geistig directly to the outlands would be the best method of testing the Death Knight abilities that had seemed so powerful in the Death Knight starting areas. So with Geistig at a fresh 58 I entered the Outlands. I quickly found that the power I’d experienced in the training grounds could be
found within the Outlands as well. I could not believe how much different the outlands where when slaughtering mobs with a Death Knight as opposed to the very careful pull and drain techniques required when soloing a Priest. I pretty much sat at my computer with a smile on my face Saturday and Sunday as Geistig quickly rose from 58 to 61.

The leveling could probably go much faster if it were not for the competition of quest items and deaths derived from multiple instant respawns of non quest related mobs. I can only assume that the instant respawns were a reaction to the increased player volume, however actual quest related mobs were respawning at a lovely slow rate so I’m more inclined to believe that the areas were bugged. Running through last night I didn’t see the same recurrence of instant respawns and there was also no waiting cue to log on to the server, strengthening my theory that the instant respawns may be related to a heavy player density. Then there was also the time I took out of questing to assist a team in downing the Fel Reaver and single handedly wiping a raid on Honors Hold via AOE agro. Yes I won the dumb ass award. Safe to say that I learned a very valuable lesson about raiding, AOE spells, and staying with the raid group, I’m still kicking myself over this.

I did notice however that my killing power was beginning to reduce dramatically. My health was staying pretty high but the mobs were dying more and more slowly as I continued to progress. I’d also been slowly swapping out my Death Knight quest blues for Outlands quest greens. I swapped out the greens for my original set of Death Knight blues and the killing continued unabated. I think I’m going to try to only replace my armor with blues or substantially better greens in the future to keep my performance high. This
does require more instancing of course, but I’ll be more than happy to instance if it means better performance during questing. Last night I also revised my talent tree per the suggestions of Skeleton
. True he’s Alliance, but the talent tree logic was sound and I’ve found it to work pretty well so far. I’ve also picked up Mining and Blacksmithing to help obtain better equipment in the future. However in order to boost the Mining and Blacksmithing to something I can actually use I’ll have to return to Old World to do some base level mining before I can begin to level the Blacksmithing or mine viably in the Outlands. This would however be good news for Azmim as Geistig would also be able to run her through some quests
while searching for ore.

The downside to this however is that leveling a profession takes time away from actual questing and leveling. I’m fairly behind as it is and I think I’d prefer to focus on leveling and learning how to play the Death Knight class efficiently.

Now I just need to complete my study of Duel Wield vs Single weapon and post the same. I’d hoped to log in this morning…. But it’s Tuesday….

Here is a more recent screen shot of Geistig sans helmet and sporting the tabard of the Psychotic Bunnies. It’s a guild I joined after running with a fellow Death Knight in the guild. Not quite sure about it yet, but that’s how it is with any guild I suppose. While this does take time away from my exploits on Blackwater Raiders, there is the option of transferring both Strategeist and Geistig to Blackwater Raiders at some future juncture. However I’d rather save the money for now and focus exclusively on my new love Geistig and leveling her to battle the Lich King himself.

Until next time.

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